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  1. friartuck

    2004 Coleman Santa Fe - Finding Appropriate Rack Mounts for Roof Tracks

    I used Thule TR1 landing pads (IIRC) on both the 04 and 08 Coleman campers. Never had a problem with my Alumitite roof. Check eTrailer or a site like RackAttack for the landing pad/towers.
  2. friartuck

    Liv is back!

    Welcome back!
  3. friartuck

    History of the Station Wagon

    Oh boy! The family always had Mercury Colony Park wagons growing up and even when the folks were empty nesters - just in case the grand kids want to go along. 57, 62, 68, 75, 82 (which I drove for my family after they were done with it), 89, and the very last year Mercury made a Colony Park 95...
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    New to the Community and Pop Ups

    Welcome from Michigan!
  5. friartuck

    January 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    I will post after my first tow[CAM]. Friends have one on a 28' TT and absolutely swear by it[put&hy]
  6. friartuck

    Everyone Needs a Spotter

    Watching another couple trying to back in a big 5er into a just barely big enough site with the wife yelling "Cut the wheel! Cut the wheel!" without saying which way to 'cut the wheel' and hubby, leaning out the window to try and see her, yelling back "which way?" Good times, good times. As...
  7. friartuck

    January 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Bought a ProPride 3P hitch and a N2US tow vehicle [8D] Haven't towed with it yet, cuz January, but looking for warmer weather! [PUT]
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    Hey Yall

    Welcome from Michigan!
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    Greetings from Michigan!

    Welcome from Shiawassee County!
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    Mmm. Balls.

    Thank you! Love the Delicious Dish! (tap water and rice lol)
  11. friartuck

    Upper Penisula

    Brimley SP is a nice park with lots to do close by. It is an easy drive to the Soo to see the locks and Tahquamenon Falls. (There is a brewery in the park at Tahquamenon Falls also!) Whitefish Point and Point Iroquois Light Station are an easy day trip. So much to see and do in the UP!
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    New to PUP and Pop-ups!

    Welcome from Michigan!
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    New member….new to pop ups

    Another 'Welcome from Michigan!' :)
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    Hello From Michigan

    Welcome from Shiawassee county! See you around the fire!
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    Newbie to Popup world

    Welcome from Michigan!
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    John & Katy new to this site

    Welcome from Michigan!
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    A little about me and my family

    Welcome from Michigan!
  18. friartuck

    Carrying a kayak

    We also use the TV to haul the kayaks (16 and 16.5 ft). We have used J-hooks, regular saddles and have Hullavators. Using the J-hooks you add height to the roof line i.e. it can be a giant sail and have a negative effect on both mileage and handling. Plus it can be a workout to lift the boat...
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    Newbie From MI

    Welcome from Shiawassee county!
  20. friartuck

    Why Do you Go To RV Shows?

    It's 'date night' for us. We enjoy looking at new units and people watching. We did not go last year and only once so far this year, and on the first day early, so very low attendance and no crowds. Going to try the Novi show again this year, weather and the DW work schedule permitting us to...