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  1. Indiobravo

    Boondocking: pack it in/out too much trouble?

    it can be scary trying to figure out if you can boondock or if you are prepared enough to do so. I worried and worried and worried about it before i ever did it my self. i spent a year studying options and working on my pup to be able to go totally off grid. I ended up setting up battery, solar...
  2. Indiobravo

    Best Generator for Pop up.

    For me the dividing line is AC. if i thought i was critically dependent on AC then i'd have to get a quiet inverter like the ubiquitous Honda Eu2200i. if I thought i could survive without AC i would go with solar panels and a battery. So far i have gone to CGs with shore power during hot months...
  3. Indiobravo

    Now I've Done It!

    i just wanted to post that those are good rules, Musictom!! good luck with your repair!
  4. Indiobravo

    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I chose a popup as a starting point to non-tent camping. it was cheap (my first one cost 1500), easy to store on my property (without pissing off my wife), and towable with virtually any vehicle. what's not to love :) i have since bought a travel trailer at a beach campground (stationary) and...
  5. Indiobravo

    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    he didn't say that. he *asked* that. it's a fair question. he's obviously interested and has come here looking for advice from nice people.
  6. Indiobravo

    Two renogy 100watt solar panels managed by one controller?

    thanks guys. i dove in, installed the one kit, and ordered Y connectors for the second panel. everything is working like a champ!
  7. Indiobravo

    Two renogy 100watt solar panels managed by one controller?

    i will call renogy to verify. i just see inputs for one panel (2 wires) in the existing controller. i guess i want to know if i just jump the wires from both into that one set of inputs. thanks :)
  8. Indiobravo

    Two renogy 100watt solar panels managed by one controller?

    i have two renogy 100watt solar panel kits. Each comes with it's own Wanderer Li 30A PWM Charge Controller. My question is, can one of those controllers manage both panels or do i need to get another controller to manage two panels at the same time? (would be a shame to be sitting here with two...
  9. Indiobravo

    June 2022 - what did you do for your camper this month?

    - I finally got the brown out - repainted all the wood and veneer from brown to white. Makes everything look so much lighter :) Replaced the hardware and painted the furnace grate black, too. - I put a new battery back on the tongue (was missing when i bought her two years ago) and was happily...
  10. Indiobravo

    How critical is being level? Or do I have other issues?

    you'll be ok this time out - but it really needs to be level. at a minimum make sure you have some wood with you to put under the tires. i have the lego blocks - works ok, but i hate the back and forth. i just got my new BAL leveler and i can't wait to try that out :) and whatever you do -...
  11. Indiobravo

    water pump location (high vs low)?

    @Arruba - the pump did not come with directions :-/ @Lug_Nut - i did what you suggested. it took a little bit longer, but it was definitely the right thing to do and it friggin kicks butt!!! Don't you just love it when 1000 hours of youtube, a good plan, the right tools and parts, and a good...
  12. Indiobravo

    water pump location (high vs low)?

    Hey guys, i am about to install a water pump on my 1998 Viking. I've replaced all the hoses and faucet and very happy with the city water side of things. I am about to install the water pump for my water tank for when i'm off grid. My question is, is it ok to install it anywhere between the tank...
  13. Indiobravo

    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    I call this a "pulling that thread" weekend. The things I "did for my camper" were not intentional, not planned, and not even primarily in support of my popup! I have a ntm TT at the beach (a 2010 keystone outback) that I just got last month. It's a permanentish thing there - chained down so...
  14. Indiobravo

    Jayco crooked door?

    post a picture with the whole camper. that sort of misalignment can be indicative of a floor/wall separation issue.
  15. Indiobravo

    the one thing i hate about my popup

    well, it took me a whole year to get done ;-) I have the cold/city water side working great. all i need to do now is order a water pump for the hot/reservoir side. another year? i hope not.
  16. Indiobravo

    disposable or reusable?

    I use enameled steel too. I use biodegradable soap. I love the look of real dishes in my pup :)
  17. Indiobravo

    Lost Goshen crank handle

    This is a PSA for folks with a goshen lift system like the one on my 1998 Viking. Went out yesterday to some work on the pup - first time since my last trip this spring - and was unable to even raise the roof. if you are an idiot like me and somehow misplace your crank arm - god, i feel like...
  18. Indiobravo

    May 2021 - what did you do for your camper?

    i haven't done much this month - started new job last month. i did get this, tho: next week i'll get a battery and then start testing 'lectrix in the driveway. would like to be boondock-ready for summer :)