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  1. bknjohnson

    3 way Dometic RM2193 Fridge no cool on 110

    Had the same problem with our 3-way this summer. The 110 went first, then the propane wouldn't ignite either. 12V worked if we didn't mind a dead battery (we prefer not draining our battery). Had someone look at it, and bottom line on ours, not worth fixing. We bought one of those Coleman...
  2. bknjohnson

    NH - Lost River Valley Campground, N. Woodstock NH

    Spent two nights at Lost River Valley Campground with a big group of tenters. Loaned them our tent, and brought our PUP. Probably it's last trip before trading in for a newer model. The sites at this campground are close together and the roads make it challenging to navigate. There is no...
  3. bknjohnson

    Dealer vs Private Sale - Used Jayco 1207 - First Camper

    We bought new because we didn't know anything about campers, and we had not yet found the portal and the wealth of information and helpful members. If you are the least bit inclined to do any of the repairs yourself, you should be able to do it for less than that $1500-$1750 at the dealer. If...
  4. bknjohnson

    i'm from new mexico and yes we are part of the USA

    Welcome and congrats! Bought our PUP new when we lived in Albuquerque and enjoyed camping all over the four corners states before being moved back to the east coast. Enjoy the PUP!
  5. bknjohnson

    Caulking around the AC??

    Our AC drains onto the roof itself. We finally did have the gasket replaced when we were getting water inside the camper. They checked the roof and determined it was still fine. If you are not getting leaks inside the camper I think your gasket is doing it's job. When in storage mode I do...
  6. bknjohnson

    Where to find replacement canvas?

    Ditto to kitphantom. Our canvas was completely ruined, we ended up using Canvas Replacements, fantastic experience. We could have replaced just sections, but every section needed replacing. Thankfully the cause was covered under our homeowners insurance and the replacement was taken care of...
  7. bknjohnson

    Snow Storm Damaged Awning Bag

    We had ours restitched years ago, had to find someone capable of heavy duty work but was less than the cost of a new awning and the awning itself was (and still is) in great condition. If the awning is still in good shape I'd at least search your local area for someone that could do the work...
  8. bknjohnson

    How do you handle your gray water?

    We have a blue tote also, although we usually camp with full hookups and use a gray water hose from the PUP drain to the sewer. When we have gone without the sewer connection the tote works just fine. The wheels are very helpful to cart it away. The blue tote or a 5 gallon bucket works just...
  9. bknjohnson

    Stay frugal or go big?

    Very admirable financial goals, would love to be in that situation and congratulate you on attempting to stay on that path. In my experience, there will very likely be more significant life changes which will extend your five year mortgage pay-off goal. "Unknown unknowns" could be medical...
  10. bknjohnson

    Canvas replacement

    We used, removing the canvas was not that difficult although we were very glad that we took photos to use as reference later. Don't worry about shipping the old canvas. We shipped our old canvas to It did not cost that much and frankly, what were...
  11. bknjohnson

    canvas replacement

    We went with Canvas Replacements, if I remember correctly we shipped them our old canvas and they made our new one, we had it within 6 or 8 weeks. They are a relatively small operation and always very busy. After receiving the new canvas I shipped out to the middle east, so it was a lengthy...
  12. bknjohnson

    Do you cover your outside stored pup?

    We bought ours new in 2006 when living in New Mexico. Moved to Massachusetts in 2010. It's only been covered for one winter when we stored it at a relatives place in Vermont. Otherwise, it's never been covered. We remove heavy snow, I put down wood or concrete spacers to keep the tires off...
  13. bknjohnson

    Buying our First Pop-up. New or used?

    Answering your first question, New or Used, just my opinion it's personal preference. We knew absolutely nothing about pop ups when we started looking, no idea how to maintain or repair, and we had not yet found the Portal and the wealth of information and helpful members. So, we went new. We...
  14. bknjohnson

    Pop Up Gizmos

    The gizmos are great, really like ours, those are only going to cover the top of the bunkend, not the screens. I would not rely on them for weather protection because even with the high wind versions, it's always possible they will come loose in wind and rain. Recommend checking out...
  15. bknjohnson

    Adjusting Lift Height

    hhubbard19 it would be helpful to know your year, make and model of camper. Then you should look for the right owners manual on this portal in the Owner's Manual section. You can also try another thread on this site called "Fleetwood Top Height Adjustment"...
  16. bknjohnson

    Adjusting Lift Height

    Had the same issue with my door. You can certainly do this, I did it in my driveway and it took me some time to figure out just how much adjustment I needed. I measured the height of my roof at each corner and in my case, the front of the roof was at a different height than the back of the...
  17. bknjohnson

    After winterizing

    Less than a gallon should winterize everything. Drain the fresh water tank, drain the hot water tank and bypass it. Both are large enough that any freezing has plenty of expansion room. It's the small tubing you are concerned about, using a hose with the water pump brings the antifreeze to...
  18. bknjohnson

    Fresh water tank hose

    Have never used the fresh water tank on our PUP, we are considering getting a new camper next spring and I've been meaning to fix the fresh water tank hose for some time. Is the hose itself one complete full length from the fill location to the tank? This is what I'm seeing underneath, have...
  19. bknjohnson

    how often do you weigh / scale your tow and trailer setup?

    Only once, when we were moving cross country. Weighed it loaded, wow were we heavy at about 100 pounds over max on the sticker. On our way from New Mexico to New England we took it easy on hills, watched the engine temp and didn't pass everyone in sight. I've never weighed it since then, the...
  20. bknjohnson

    whiffle tree

    Did you also put grease on the surface of the metal covering? The tree itself rides along the surface.