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    Shawne Crowell State Park Review and question about Mass State park's

    [CP]Hi, did 3 night's at the state forest kind of last minute, originally going to camp at Burlingame but the park closed day's camping due to weather. I am so glad had the chance to camp at my first Mass. park. First the price is only $2 more than camping in a CT park well worth the extra...
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    Tent sites near Charlestown RI

    So picked a site somewhere in the 120 area on a nice loop bit secluded.
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    Tent sites near Charlestown RI

    Is BGame decent heard mixed reviews. A lot of complaints about the toliets, ha. Figure can't be that bad and heard stay away from 700's.
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    Tent sites near Charlestown RI

    Hi, hoping to find some open campsites private or state. From CT wanted to be close to Charlestown for the seafood festival. Any recommendations?
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    Camping New England

    Hi, bit late to reserve places knowing won't be much availability. However, with new job and no vacation have to take advantage of day's you have off. Looking to do a mid to end of the week camping trip the sixth to the eighth of August. From CT looking for great place to tent. Was thinking of...
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    Mid week camping trip:Hammonasset or Rocky Neck?

    Hi, looking to do a mid week camping trip maybe a day trip out to Block Island. Know Rocky Neck is closer to RI never been, usually if going to the beach in CT go down to Bluff Point. I never been to Rocky Neck before and did a day trip to Hammonasset last week. If I usually camp in CT go...