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  1. Ger

    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    My wife and I have been tent campers our whole lives...... up until 2 years ago when we used our "European Trip" savings (Covid cancelled that trip) to upgrade to a popup camper. Our popup has been really great with a lot more creature comforts than a tent on the ground has, but I have to say...
  2. Ger

    Loud "clunk" in cable when winching roof up

    Mine does the same as Dave's.....
  3. Ger

    Bag awning?

    We use our awning every single trip...... and keep an eye on the weather. We always adjust one corner lower to allow rain to run off and always stake down both awning poles. It provides shade and shelter from the rain and we can keep the "windows" open on the awning side. We pull our club...
  4. Ger

    What not to do at a campground

    Not quite the same, but two weeks ago on our last trip, an older couple's golf cart broke down right in front of my campsite with smoke pouring from the battery compartment. I went over and offered them a tow. I got a rope and tied it to the hitch of my Highlander, the missus got in the car with...
  5. Ger

    Ended before it began

    We cancelled a 4 day trip last year due to a hurricane that roared up the Eastern seaboard last year. We figured it was better to be safe than sorry.
  6. Ger

    4 point vehicle plug to 7 point trailer plug

    We bought a Toyota Highlander in 2015 and asked for the tow package in anticipation of buying a popup camper later (which we did in 2020). It too came with a 4-pin plug and so wouldn’t work with our popup’s 7-pin plug. I ordered a brake controller kit from eTrailer (they are fab by the way)...
  7. Ger

    Measuring The Total Weight of Camper

    Thanks all. Our next trip is off to The White Mountains in NH and we will pass two CAT Stations on the way, so it’ll be perfect to test the fully loaded camper / car. And as Bondebond said, it’s $12.50 for a weigh in and $3 for a re-weigh with 24 hours. thanks for your input. :)
  8. Ger

    Measuring The Total Weight of Camper

    Morning Campers. I’m pretty diligent about not overloading my camper or tow vehicle and have even weighed each item that I put in the front storage bin of my camper to get a total weight, but I really don’t know what the ACTUAL weight of my ENTIRE camper is when loaded up for a trip. Have any...
  9. Ger

    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    My Webber kettle grill? Sure! I just take the legs off and put the grill and legs in a large contractor bag and tie it off With some string.
  10. Ger

    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    I use my charcoal Webber kettle grill and pile the coals up to one side. The slices of pizza go on the other. Lid goes on. Check it every few minutes as they don’t take long. If someone want their pizza base more crispy, just slide it closer to the coals. Everyone makes a couple of slices, and I...
  11. Ger

    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    A family favorite was “pizza on the grill”. We pre made the bases at home, cut them into pizza slices, then we chopped up ham, onions, peppers pineapple, mushrooms etc and the kids “built their own pizza”. That way they get exactly what they want. Another favorite were tacos as it follows along...
  12. Ger

    Propane Tank Cover

    I want to protect it from the elements like rain and UV which could degrade the hoses and rust components. Currently I use a black plastic contractor bag and a bungee cord. Effective but not very attractive.
  13. Ger

    Brand new Coachmen Clipper Missing Door Key

    No, it’s not. Anyway, issue resolved.
  14. Ger

    Propane Tank Cover

    Can any of my fellow popup campers recommend a soft propane tank cover for my popup? I can’t find one for a single tank that is large enough to cover my tank, the connection hose and the regulator? (See attached photo). The covers I’ve seen (and bought) really only seem to be for the tank itself...
  15. Ger

    Brand new Coachmen Clipper Missing Door Key

    eTrailer is awesome!
  16. Ger

    Brand new Coachmen Clipper Missing Door Key

    I wish my experience was as nice as yours. I got the total runaround but it’s all resolved now. I’m glad your experience was better than mine. I got the total runaround from the dealer.
  17. Ger

    Popup Rated for 30 Amps… only 20 Amps Available

    Thanks all, sounds like a work around is doable.
  18. Ger

    Popup Rated for 30 Amps… only 20 Amps Available

    Entering our second year of popup camping and I see a lot of sites on campgrounds offer only 20 Amps. My popup is rated for 30 Amps. I assume that means that if I were to run a “full load” (everything on) that I might trip a breaker. My question is; if we are using the fridge, some lights and...
  19. Ger


    Yes, what Jmkay1 said. My wife insists we lock up our camper when we go off for a hike or whatever but it’s a waste if time really. It’s so easy to just undo the Velcro and open the door. Anything of any real value comes with us in the car.