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    Walmart deals this week, regional

    My wait on the ethanol free/PG RV antifreeze to drop in price paid off. Today, it was $2.00 a gallon. I'm now sitting on 15 gallons of the good stuff.
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    Have I mentioned, I HATE MARCH

    I loved March when I was a kid. All the stores had kites. I'd stand in the yard for hours flying a cheap kite.
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    Roof leak question

    Finding leaks takes time. I use blue masking tape on suspected leak spots. Put it on and put a sprinkler on the trailer. Take them off one at a time over a long period of time.
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    People can surprise you

    I believe cast pieces are usually cheaper than forged.
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    People can surprise you

    Is that broken shank cast?
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    Water Cooler and Water

    I use a blue inline filter to fill up the TT tank regardless of whether I am at home or in a campground. My TT kitchen sink has a drinking water dispenser with an filter under tthe sink. I always leave home with a full tank and usually carry a 6 gallon Aqua-tainer in the truck for just in...
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    Vehicle suspension upgrades for 17000lb camper?

    No, but the original was just like it. I forgot to add in my original post that the external is an aftermarket part we added.
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    Vehicle suspension upgrades for 17000lb camper?

    I have a 1977 F150 my family bought new to tow TT with. It has an auto with a cooler in the radiator. An external cooler was also added. Must work. She still has the original transmission fluid.
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    Grease buddy VS. e-z lube for wheel bearings.

    Bearing Buddies will lube all the bearings. You just have to pump enough grease in to fill the hub so that the next few pumps go back to the rear Bearing. The trick is to not to overfill and force grease past the rear seal. For this reason, I do not use them on trailers with brakes. I have them...
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    Install a Ventline VP-543SP?

    Those handles are easily broken. Broke mine last year.
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    Install a Ventline VP-543SP?

    My TT has one of those in the bathroom. Mine is pretty difficult to push up. When it is open or up, it is designed to not leak. I think in 8 years, I have only seen it leak once when open and that was in a torrential downpour. The amount of water that leaked in was minimal.
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    Daylight Savings

    I ain't wasting no batteries. I leave them in the smoke detectors until they
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    What would you seal this with?

    I would put Eternabond on it with Dicor on the edges of the Eternabond.
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    rough spot when turning wheel

    I agree. That's the only way to see what's going on. I'd probably loosen the brake adjuster star wheel a few clicks and see if the problem went away before pulling the wheel.
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    Walmart deals this week, regional

    My Walmart put out a large clearance section last night. Most of it was hunting stuff. They did have several cases of the propylene based alcohol free RV antifreeze. It was marked down to $5.00 a gallon. I am waiting on the price to drop again.
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    rough spot when turning wheel

    I assume you had no play or rattling when you grabbed the wheel and tried to shake it. If not, I am betting on the problem being caused by the brakes.
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    Bottle Jack Recommendation?

    You need to consider the tire will be flat or maybe even completely missing off the rim. A shorter jack and a few 2x6 blocks would be what I carried.
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    How to fix inside roof cracks

    A heat gun can get away from quickly and cause more damage.
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    Water Pump Strainer Filter

    We bought a new tractor that kept running out of fuel. The cause ended up being shavings in the fuel tank from where the fittings were drilled. The fix was to put a clear inline filter in an easy to access fuel line. The tractors now 16 years old. We are still getting some black shavings in...
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    Water Pump Strainer Filter

    I wash the strainer every spring. If you remove the clear cap, be sure the o ring doesn't get lost or damaged. Without a good seal at the cap, your pump won't be able to prime and draw water from your tank.