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  1. craig heaton

    Lock Fees - A Rant

    It sounds like the reservation is akin to the "seat license" in the NFL. If you want to purchase a season ticket, you must first by a seat license. This license then grants you the right to purchase season tickets. Nothing but a money grab....that's why I watch all of my games on TV. (For...
  2. craig heaton

    March 2023 - What did you do for your camper?

    Mine got a new cover (Polypro3 from Classic Accessories). The old cover was disintegrating, but CA replaced it free under warranty (cover was 2 years old, warranty for 3 years). I also bought and installed a new spare tire cover....
  3. craig heaton

    US Map

    LOL! Actually, we drove through a corner of Arkansas, but didn't stop. But no fear, I'm sure we'll hit it on a future trip!
  4. craig heaton

    US Map

    In my case, the map reflects places I've camped as an adult, including tent camping. I've toyed with the idea of adding a (removeable) map for the camper that shows just places where the camper has been. (For the record, our popup has camped in the following states since it was purchased in...
  5. craig heaton

    Cassette Toilet Liquid for Flushing

    Agree with what others have said. I would just add that I've had better luck with the liquid additives for the black tank than the drop ins (they both worked, but any paper seemed to break up better using the liquid additive and less odor when emptying).
  6. craig heaton

    Travelling long distances with camper?

    Our longest trip to date (in the popup) was our trip out to southwestern OK and back. On the way out there, we made 3 stops: left on a Friday evening and stopped at a hotel about 4 hours down the road (so that we could get a jump start on our next stop). The next stop was 3 nights at a park...
  7. craig heaton

    What State? When is your first 2023 trip? What will be the predicted weather?

    Sadly, our first scheduled trip isn't until June (wife's surgery, etc cutting into our travel time). That trip will be a week long trip to Four Mile Creek State Park in NY. Looking forward to it, so much to do in the area plus it will be an interesting experiment...our first "long" trip...
  8. craig heaton

    My tow rig...

    Two tow vehicles for us, 2019 Dodge Durango Citadel with the 5.7l Hemi and a 2022 Chevrolet Colorado LT V6.
  9. craig heaton

    what happened to SC?

    That is sad. I can understand operating that way if the campground were private, but public campgrounds are owned and belong to the public and should be priced so that all can enjoy, not operated to maximize profits.
  10. craig heaton

    What would your perfect Pop Up be?

    I don't know if there are any designers from manufacturers monitoring this group, but some ideas that I have (using our 2318G as my model): -- incorporate a gizmos type sun shield into the camper. I envision something retractable (like a window shade but mounted sideways against the roof box)...
  11. craig heaton

    Planning for 2023

    Sadly, we'll only have about 2 weeks camping this year since my wife is taking time off to visit family followed by some more time off for surgery. :-( So, one of those weeks is already booked: a week in June at Four Mile Creek SP, NY just east of Niagara Falls. That should make for a busy...
  12. craig heaton

    Winter season reeking havoc

    My wife and I went to my sister's house for Thanksgiving, and both ended up with either a horrible cold or minor flu (it was somewhere in-between...chills, fever, nasal and sinus congestion, etc but thankfully no nausea). My sister works at a day care so no telling how many germs were floating...
  13. craig heaton

    Newest owner of the oldest popup in Northern CO

    Very cool, and quite possibly the last one of that year and model that's still out there...
  14. craig heaton

    The Music Game

    One Way or Another -- Blondie
  15. craig heaton

    The Music Game

    We Can Be Together - Jefferson Airplane
  16. craig heaton

    December 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    We towed ours down to Meaher State Park in south Alabama for a week of "winter" camping. (Just got home yesterday). Temps were around 75 during day and 60 at night. No rain this year but thick fog every night. Sadly, that's her last trip until spring.
  17. craig heaton

    DMV Registration

    In Ohio mine is registered as a "house vehicle". Doesn't matter if it's a 44 foot TT or an 8 foot pop up, to the BMV it's all the same 🙂
  18. craig heaton

    What is your favorite OHIO State Park and WHY?

    Just wanted to add that the John Glenn Astronomy Park is just minutes away (driving) from the Old Man's Cave Campground (Hocking Hills). The astro park also offers a concrete patio with electric that can be used to power your telescopes and/or imaging equipment. On weekends they run programs...
  19. craig heaton

    Any ideas for satellite or internet?

    Definitely, we carry one of those too. It proved useful this past spring when there were tornado warnings and was a great complement to the internet. I'd hear a warning issued for our county and they would give the names of places in the path. I'd then check my phone to see how close they...
  20. craig heaton

    Any ideas for satellite or internet?

    I do the same, just use my phone as a mobile hotspot. If that's not available I'll use my work phone or the truck's hot spot. (Between the 3 I usually have a signal...Tmobile for my phone, Verizon for work phone and the truck uses AT&T). With that said, the majority of my internet usage is...