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  1. J Starsky

    Can 2-30 amp breakers.......

    That is where you start. Breakers in all uses go bad. You are thumpin that down the road and using it very little so could be just the issue. Anyone you bring it to will R&R both those and inspect all connections before moving on. Do it before you pay someone to do it, for peace of mind at...
  2. J Starsky

    7 years old!

    I'm rootin' for ya~!
  3. J Starsky

    Finally Something to Post

    Congrats - Be sure to stop over here and check out all the StarCraft folks:
  4. J Starsky

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Ignorance is Bliss!! I pretend it's like back in the 90's. I kick my tires, feel the hubs and act like a trucker, except I use the building restrooms [LOL] Affirmations are helpful: "that isn't going anywhere," "whatda professional unit" or "looks like a strong pullin rig" spoken confidently...
  5. J Starsky

    Camping history thread?

    They have a nice site and well worth the entry fee~! You won't regret the stop~!
  6. J Starsky

    Camping history thread?

    We sure enjoyed the RV / MH Museum in Indiana:
  7. J Starsky

    Canvas Cleaning, safe & cheap....

    I opened the fan pattern as far a it would go - like I was painting a fan pattern with water. I can't say I was ever closer then 6 inches or so. This was a 1984 camping in the mid 2000s, so it's not a new unit. Like you're cleaning an old deck. Take it easy. I used Dawn Dish soap, rubbed it...
  8. J Starsky

    Canvas Cleaning, safe & cheap....

    Back when my PUP came into the fleet, I hit it with the power washer. Sure, I kept back and just kissed the canvas, but it really did help the look of the brown 80's canvas. I'd try it again IF I needed.
  9. J Starsky

    Pirate Popup Aarrrrrrr

    Notice the "always installed" safety 2x4 support legs? Classy Guy~! [LOL]
  10. J Starsky

    Pirate Popup Aarrrrrrr

    Pirate Popups are real and for sale:
  11. J Starsky

    Lift Modification

  12. J Starsky

    Lift Modification

    No. You slide the rack off the roof before you open it, which is nice because I'm not adding more weight for the roof to lift. The Clamshell and the blue bin are on the ground, were you can get at them. I would simply slide the wooden ladder under the PUP. This is my permanent extra storage...
  13. J Starsky

    Lift Modification

    I don't know how you'd feel about securing a temporary roof top rack on your roof but it worked well for me when I used the PUP full time. I once had it slide back a bit in travel, but when I'd run a strap forward I never had an issue...
  14. J Starsky

    Oops, slid in a hail storm into a cliff face - frame bent!

    IF an older auto body place could be found, like BEE LINE Frame Service or similar somebody would consider giving a few pulls to the frame before turning you loose to finish up your repair you could start to plan out the job. Nobody is going to take that job w/o $3k easy into it. IF the frame...
  15. J Starsky

    Memorial Weekend.. Let see those camping pics

    I try to count / be a good guy but eventually end up making a mini fire with sticks from the woods under the ovens. Danged kids can't be left alone with the fire~! OR Dutch Oven Stand.
  16. J Starsky

    Memorial Weekend.. Let see those camping pics

    This two are Cast Aluminum which are in fine shape internally. As you can see, I have seasoned very heavily as well. I have others in cast iron as well, but these jobbers are pretty nice, used cooking finds. I've read that same stuff, too. No funny tastes or funniness to be concerned over...
  17. J Starsky

    Memorial Weekend.. Let see those camping pics

    No camping this year - Dutch Oven Stand use in the backyard. 100% scrounged parts, Abom would be proud. Forgot Rib & Chicken Pics again~! Cherry Cobbler 'cause Momma said so:
  18. J Starsky

    Keep tabs on campground info

    Back in 2020 we were just prepping to leave and our camp in Iowa had a windstorm with damage so bad, they closed the campgrounds for weeks. Had I not checked on the email that weekend, I would have left w/o any clue. I had no plans on checking emails once I left for the 3 week loop. We barely...
  19. J Starsky

    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    Gotta get on 35E before all that traffic, Mavis... If I have travel arrangements to arrive today, leaving early makes hay for your day. IF going home, you might need to help me pack if you want in @ noon... Usually I'm the 1st human up in the AM. Construction man programing and heart meds...
  20. J Starsky

    Hinged Countertop

    Oh, I couldn't think of an image to show that flat counter finish... google kinda helped with that, but still not what I dreamed... I would need to reuse the counter cutouts or I would not commit to it - very low cost. I think of some strapping nailed to make the recess, like a manhole cover...