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    Battery Placement Help

    I essentially did what you have in mind. But my original configuration was different. Originally, my propane tank was toward the pup and the battery was toward the hitch. I went with dual 6-V, side by side in a single battery box along with the tank. my side mount swivel, top crank tongue jack...
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    How much propane should I bring?

    One pound of propane has 21,500 btu. so a 20 pound bottle has 430,000 btu. Your heater most likely is a 16k btu heater. That's output btu, it's around 80% efficient, so input btu is ~20,000 btu. So you should get around 20 hours of fuel. Set it to warm in the afternoon and lower it when you go...
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    Start of my off road / boon-docking camper

    That's a lot of work. You would have to fab up upper and lower shock mounts, and then find a suitable shock. I'd actually like to fab up some timbren like axles using a coilover from a razor.
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    Furnace fan draw too much juice

    Ditto what everyone is saying. But would also like to add that drawing the curtains helps a lot, especially the bunk ends. Also adding reflectix.
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    Bakersfield Pop-ups? Roll call!

    You've got a lot of options near you. Troy Meadows, Kennedy Meadows, Bishop/Mammoth.
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    Start of my off road / boon-docking camper

    What size tire did you go from and upgrade to? Did you replace your stabilizers? How about the tongue jack? Did you have to modify the rear tire mount to clear the bunk end? With an axle under and larger tires (I'm planning to go from 10" to 13") I'm looking at an 8" difference. And I also want...
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    couple more pics of new boat

    I had a framed 8-footer, gave it to my buddy (it's the green orvis, third one back). I switched the oar locks to brass ones and upgraded the oars. And then about 10 years ago, I upgraded to the scadden frameless (blue 10 footer in the front). I also have the 8 foot version of the frameless...
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    Diesel Heater in pop up?

    I had one in my pup and replaced it with a propex. I didn't like carrying a second fuel and the fuel pump tick was annoying. I mounted the tank on the tongue, the fuel pump and heater in the galley. The heat output was good (3kw) as was the energy consumption. I only used it for one season, so...
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    Quieter and more efficient heater when off grid?

    A few of us have Propex Heaters. They have 6k and 9k btu units. I think nowadays, pups only come with a minimum 12k or 16k btus. But these are input btu #'s (propex heater btu #'s are output). So with the suburban/dometic/atwood, you get around 70% efficiency. With the propex its around 90%. I...
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    Power supply insteads of converter

    I would think a continuous 10 A current at bulk/absorption voltages would overcharge a battery.
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    August 2020 - What did you do for your camper?

    Added curbside water and hp propane. Water is a quick connect and the hp is capped off for now. I think I will put a hp quick connect on it. Might also swap out the lp quick connect for a hp one so that one set of hoses/fittings can be used.
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    If you want new cushion covers sewn up, sned me the fabric nd the old covers. My mom does this...

    If you want new cushion covers sewn up, sned me the fabric nd the old covers. My mom does this stuff and charges $10/hr.
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    An 8 foot box will take just as long to set up (assuming two bunk ends). For solo, there's plenty of storage and space for one. An 8 foot box will usually have a twin on one side and a queen/full on the other. I usually use the twin as storage if solo. You might consider a small aliner or casita.
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    5th Annual - 2020 Sequoia National Forest Rally

    There are tons of places within hours of your location.
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    pop up conversions/turning a pop up into a solid wall camper?

    Why do you want to convert it to a hard side?
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    not many pop ups for sale, at any price!

    I wonder what I could sell my pup for? I've got an additional $3-4k into it. Most of it could be stripped out and put into another pup.
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    canvas pattern?

    I think the factory uses a longarm double needle walking foot machine. You're going to have to enclose the edge (and/or use a hot knife to seal the edge). I'd say, you should at least have a walking foot machine. Some older popups used a once piece canvas. New (~2000+) use multipiece canvas...
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    Bigger tires

    The Evolution series use shackled leaf springs. You can get longer shackles and that should give you some lift. Axle under swaps give too much lift. I think mine was like 5-6"
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    You wouldn't happen to still have your old 13" rims/tires?

    You wouldn't happen to still have your old 13" rims/tires?