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  1. NLB

    Use of a walkie-talkie (pair) while backing up

    I do a lot of solo setup. GOAL is the key. Placing a “marker” post as an aim point for the driver side rear bumper of the PUP is what I use. (After considering overhead and curbside clearance, I just focus on my mark).
  2. NLB

    2005 Fleetwood Colonial Upper Galley Pivot Bracket

    Coleman popup parts has a video on the swing down galley. They will either have the bolt or can tell you what ya need.
  3. NLB

    Coleman lock popped out

    Well at least OP can see what the inside looks like. 🤔 Pretty ingenious fix too.
  4. NLB

    Coleman lock popped out

    HF has an inexpensive hand rivet tool, and Derek at Coleman Parts did a video on stepper door repair. I would hate to have a trip disrupted because the latch/lock mechanism finally failed to work.
  5. NLB

    Rockwood freedom m1620 Bunkend fan/light issue

    Fairly easy to disassemble for cleaning and putting a little silicone lube on the motor bushings. Just a few screws if I remember correctly.
  6. NLB

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    TV is factory system. PUP- I bought a Bluetooth pressure/temperature system designed for motorcycle use with a dedicated display. Was concerned about distance between the screw on sensors and truck cab, but hasn’t been an issue.
  7. NLB

    Hi from Florida

    Hello from West Palm. Happy Trails!
  8. NLB

    We finally scored an old popup for $900! Need some help...

    The vin number will tell some info if you decode it on the www.
  9. NLB

    Jayco Select 12 HW: Problem with the Slideout

    Take a look on YouTube. Many videos, it will take some time to sort out the manual ones from the RV powered versions. There are also some older threads here about slides if you do a search.
  10. NLB

    2022 Rockwood 2280LTD Travel Door Won't Open With Roof Completely Closed

    How many times will I lower the roof without closing the stepper door on my 2006 Fleetwood? SMDH! But, it is more secure that way, so I’m glad it was designed like that. Happy Trails!
  11. NLB

    May 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    The adapter is for a 220v dryer outlet. It provides 110v/20amp output. 50amp outlets at a campground already are wired to provide 110v to the RV. I always carry a dog bone in case the campground 30amp outlet has a problem. ***reminder that although a household dryer or range outlet looks like...
  12. NLB

    Harbor Freight Memorial Day Sale

    That is where I got this. Regular price $11. I’m going to get another!
  13. NLB

    This is disturbing but should come as no surprise

    You can reread the post I quoted. If you would like to moderate, ask Steve to change your title. I normally don’t respond to posts such as yours, but I’ve noticed several people have left the community over posts that had a tone of criticism.
  14. NLB

    Winnebago Man Passes Away

    Great post Steve. The documentary is a must watch. RIP Jack.
  15. NLB

    This is disturbing but should come as no surprise

    Deteriorated to the point that I refuse to consider air travel! (This from a guy that had a great career in the industry). -End of Rant-
  16. NLB

    This is disturbing but should come as no surprise

    Recycling has long been a farce foisted upon the public. 1. If you recycle cardboard, it will only be processed if all tapes and labels are removed by the consumer. 2. Aluminum cans, another issue. The largest user of aluminum is auto manufacturers…they refuse to use recycled aluminum in new...
  17. NLB

    My Roof Rebuild - 2003 Palomino Mustang

    Craftsmanship! Very nice job.
  18. NLB

    Curtain Rods

  19. NLB

    AC Tripping Breaker

    Take off top shroud while roof lowered and take a look at capacitors for leakage/swelling or any burned wiring. Give a sniff too. BE CAREFUL if you aren’t experienced in 110v systems, the capacitors retain a charge that will bite you. Also check fan up top is free to spin. If all that looks...
  20. NLB

    New Member Owner of VINTAGE Coleman

    Welcome Shipmate. And Happy Trails.