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  1. Austin694


    They are for clipping on the edge of tables to hold your tablecloth down.
  2. Austin694

    Slack in cross brace cables

    Hi everyone, I have 2021 Viking 2308LS. When I raised it the other day I noticed that the cross braces on the inside had a lot of slack on the rear driver side. I was just curious what could cause this? If anyone is familiar. I though it might be a side to side level issue. Its the black cables...
  3. Austin694

    May 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Got the new memory foam mattress. Short queen fits perfect in 2021 Viking 2308LS for reference. Its a night and day difference. We'll see if my arms and shoulders will stop going to sleep now. Moved the mattress topper to the kids mattress, give those turds a little comfort. :)
  4. Austin694

    Trip got cancelled

    So I got an email from Reservca saying our trip to Plumas Eureka SP has to be cancelled due to there still being 3-6 feet of snow and damage to the facilities. So we had to scramble and find new reservations which is slim pickings. But we found a site at Grizzly Creek Redwoods. I have never been...
  5. Austin694

    May 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Installed our new fold down faucet and pressure tested the water system since there was a small leak last time we went camping. Sanitized the water system. Ordered a new mattress for our bed. I linked it below. Ordered a short queen. It may be a little tight and require some modification. But...
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    April 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Pulled it out of the garage and popped it up. Making a list of repairs and fixes have to do before our first trip in a few weeks. Ordered a new folding faucet, should be here today. Contemplating rotating the drain for the shoilet to the same side as the sink to use the same gray water tank and...
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    Wag more, bark less: Post your dog pics :-)

    From a few years ago. At Grass lake in Plumas National Forest.
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    March 2023 - What did you do for your camper?

    It's definitely a big cube. :) It came with a nice carry bag and fits right inside the front storage, upright and everything. Hopefully its worth it. The wife is excited about brownies and biscuits and the like.
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    March 2023 - What did you do for your camper?

    We have our first trip in June. I'll post a review when we get back. My sister has the camp chef oven and it works well. I did order a digital thermometer to get a more accurate reading the gauge on the front is very inaccurate. I pre-heated it and it was reading 250 but it was closer to 350. So...
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    March 2023 - What did you do for your camper?

    Cleaned out the front storage and rearranged the contents. Making room for the new oven stove combo I just purchased. I bought the hike crew propane oven. A little cheaper than the camp chef. But looks nice and seems to work well. Pulled off the propane tanks to get filled.
  11. Austin694

    What??!! No bed support poles needed!!

    This is still how they are done in Vikings. Our 2021 2308ls has them. They work good, they are a little unsightly as they are visible in front of the window. But Better than relying on 3/4" conduit to support you.
  12. Austin694

    February 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Made 2 reservations for camping in June and July. Bought a 100w solar briefcase. And started putting together a small toolbox solar generator to run our 12v Domende cooler at night. I had a bunch of old ups batteries, so I have 4 9ah batteries in parallel should give me enough to make it...
  13. Austin694

    1Lb propane tanks

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by split the line? Or a tree for the light? I have a tee that I run off the 20 lb from the trailer for our stove as well as the other grill. I use the lantern with the 1lb bottle for portability.
  14. Austin694

    1Lb propane tanks

    I refill my 1lbers. Haven't had any issues. That being said I don't fully fill them or mess with the little purge valve on the side to avoid causing leaks. I only run a lantern and sometimes a small grill of these. But I carry a second 20lb tank for our firepit, and its just so easy and cheap...
  15. Austin694

    November 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Not really anything I did. But received an anniversary gift which were are pretty stoked about. Its a 52L Domende 12v cooler. Works great when plugged in at home. Was able to freeze water bottles, has an app for settings, can plug into a car cigarette lighter. Excited to try it on our next trip.
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    Camping days are over for a while!

    This is good advice. I feel you on the california gas prices. We live in Vacaville near the bay area. And its getting rough. Our big trip this year was 800 miles round trip in August and it hurt the wallet. I worry about my parents who we always go with who are also retired. I try and cover the...
  17. Austin694

    Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid

    I replaced the transmission fluid in our 2018 Ford Explorer this weekend. It has just over 30k miles, but at least 5000 of those are towing miles. So I thought Id be safe and replace. Fluid looked fine, so may have been overly cautious. It was a very easy process. Hardest part was removing the...
  18. Austin694

    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I like the versatility of the popup trailer. I can store it in my garage, so I have no storage fees, and don't have to have a giant trailer in my driveway. We go on trips with friends and family that have hybrids and TT, and I don't see the benefit. They don't seem any more comfortable than our...
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    Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

    Thought I'd share some pictures of our latest trip to the redwoods near Crescent City ca. I've been going there for 30 years, since I was a little kid. Never get tired of it, but it is very hard to get into nowadays. Our site was a little small for the trailer and had to wedge in between some...
  20. Austin694

    Ad for Trailer Valet

    Just thought I'd share a perfect example of the reason I bought the trailer valet. We just got back from our trip to Jedediah Smith Redwoods. I believe we got a mislabeled tent only site. There was no way to fit the trailer and the car on this site. With the trailer valet I was able to easily...