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    JFK State Park Heber Springs AR

    Great park, trout fishing is great. Campsites are good. Just be prepared to not get anyone on the phone. I've been trying to call about some questions regarding handicap access, for days now.
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    98 Westlake curtain sizes????

    I have an 01 westlake that I just took curtains out of to measure and have new ones made. Doing the measurements tonight. Check back I'll post what was in mine.
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    Another Coleman Roof

    getting old abs off is no problem at all. I ordered the smooth finish, i wish I would have ordered the textured finish. I think it would have hid the imperfections in the foam a bit better. Mine went on ok, kinda like painting with honey if you can imagine it. Top looks great, sides of...
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    Another Coleman Roof

    Got the abs that is delamed off. Roof looks good, foam is still hard and in good shape. Can't imagine that the delamed ABS was adding much in terms of structural integrity, but I left the abs that was still in good shape on the sides and corners. AC to come off today ( I just cut around...
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    Another Coleman Roof

    Ordered my GG yesterday, after reading I plan on tearing off the abs that is delaminated. Any of the ABS that is still stuck really well I will be leaving on, as to not tear up the foam underneath trying to remove (don't really care about looks, just function). 1. Should I remove AC and the...
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    Another Coleman Roof

    Have a new to me Coleman Westlake 2001. ABS roof is delaminated badly across the top. Previous owner had repaired cracks with the permabond tape, All over the roof. Doing the research I thing I'm going to go with the Grizzly Grip route. My question is since my abs roof is cracked in...

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