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    Outdoor rug size

    I hardly ever used the awning on mine. I used a 10x10 canopy with screen sides.
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    Solar generator

    If the wattage rating is higher that what you are using.
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    A Chirp Chirp here and a Chirp Chirp there 🙄

    Both my vehicles lock one press 2nd they chirp
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    Bearings and what to watch out for?

    Buying a bearing packer is a good idea. Much cheapér than ruining a bearing or axle on a camping trip.
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    Heater/Furnace missing

    I checked my storeage unit and I do have one
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    Heater/Furnace missing

    I may have ome that will work for you. Email me at [email protected]. I live in Laurel MS.
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    Trying something different

    Sounds good. $100 a day not bad. What size TT? We have had 5th wheel several pups but my favorite was a hybrid ROO. Beds folded out like a pup. It had br kitchen. At night you still felt like you were camping.
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    Window Unit

    Do yourself a favor and put one on the roof. It isnt that hard
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    Top won't stay up!!!

    Since you are new here I have a little tip for you. When you pack up put some fragrant dryer sheets on your bed and in all your storeage spaces. Keeps mice out
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    Top won't stay up!!!

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    Refrigerator Cooling On Propane?

    Dont know but i always turned the night before i was headin out
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    Differences in Lithium Batteries

    I would. Those solar trickle chargers arent very expensive and are about the size of a license plate. I would do this no matter which route you go. Keep the charger on it and regular it will last a long time.
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    Differences in Lithium Batteries

    I always used a deep cell battery with a solar trickle charger. I would put the charger on when I parked and take off when I left. I left it on the battery at home. Never had a problem .
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    Mattress topper: memory foam or air mattress?

    Foam is my personal choice. I hate air mattresses
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    Installed 50A service

    You might want rethink what you are doing. Something go wrong with the wire going to your pup it can get really and cause a fire before that big ole 50 amp breaker will trip.
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    Installed 50A service

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    Adding AC to a PUP??

    That seems a bit high. You definitely need the get a couple more estimates. I put one on a pup a few years ago. It wasnt that hard. Sealed with caulk. Never leaked.
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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I have had both and I prefer pop ups. More like camping. Sold my pup a while back but when we camped I had 2 changing tents one for the porta potty and one for storeage.

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