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  1. molanginaeda

    Massachusetts to British Columbia and back

    @Wakita46 I took almost similar route on 2017 to BC/AB area. The only difference is I have 17 days to spend. I was able to camp 5 days in Banff and 5 days in Jasper. We also took trans-canada hwy on our way back to East coast. I'm glad you are able to leverage the free park entrance since...
  2. molanginaeda

    Banff, AB and Kootenay, AB in August

    It will be an awesome trip. I stay at Tunnel Mountain II Campground twice. Banff is a beautiful place.
  3. molanginaeda

    Our summer 17 days crosscountry camping trip

    Day 6 First night #camping for 2017. We take it easy today after a long travel day. We do some tasks to setup the camper. I setup the camper awning and also an instant screen canopy. We cook breakfast and pack up lunch. There are no planning for today. We plan as we see the time fit. Our...
  4. molanginaeda

    Our summer 17 days crosscountry camping trip

    Day 5 We are leaving Helena MT. The kids having tough time to say goodbye to their friends. They have a great time sleepover with friends. Huckleberry Syrup, my fav Breakfast at Hampton Inn Yeti, my travel tumbler Message of the day on Fresh Banana (today is the 4th) We left...
  5. molanginaeda

    Our summer 17 days crosscountry camping trip

    Day 4 I finally crush and burn. Sweaty, heat + no shower finally is not working for us. We settled at Hilton Hampton Inn @ Gillette WY. My tired body also complaining. We get a well deserved refreshed at the hotel and some hearty breakfast. Since we lack of time management and overdone tourist...
  6. molanginaeda

    Our summer 17 days crosscountry camping trip

    Day 3 I pulled an all-niter driving from OH. We crossed IN, IL and IA to get to SD. I got a little nap at a rest stop in IA. The extra travel time help to catch up our schedule. A shadow keep chasing us SD Sign SD Reststop We made it to South Dakota Our first stop is...
  7. molanginaeda

    Our summer 17 days crosscountry camping trip

    Write up still in progress. Day 1 After the first 200 miles, the trailer lost a trailer bearing protector + cover and exposed the wheel bearing. I also lost a battery cover. Spend 2 hrs looking for spare parts + repair. I got a battery box, grease gun & grease from Walmart. Then, I try to...
  8. molanginaeda

    Campground fun, across North America.

    Very nice. I might have to do the same. I probably have more stay in Canada than in US. :)
  9. molanginaeda

    Our summer 17 days crosscountry camping trip

    I waved as I pass through Winnipeg. We specifically detour to just drive over Riding Mountain National Park. We had late lunch over Moon Lake. I enjoyed the National Park. Got tons of activities. I hope I can revisit the National Park and spend some time in the area. Winnepeg is a great...
  10. molanginaeda

    Our summer 17 days crosscountry camping trip

    Total miles driven for this trip = 7741.
  11. molanginaeda

    Yellowstone and Grand Teton tips

    Good info. I'll need it on the next visit. Thanks for sharing.
  12. molanginaeda

    Arizona & Colorado - 11 nights camping

    This is our next year trip. Got to love using the 4th grade program.
  13. molanginaeda

    2017 3rd Annual Maine Rally

    Just saw this. I can't make it this year. It's been a fun trip last year.
  14. molanginaeda

    Our summer 17 days crosscountry camping trip

    In additional to the booked campground in Banff and Jasper, we have 2 motel nights stay on our westbound drive. One scheduled in Helena MT & one unscheduled stay at Gillette WY. We try to sleep inside the truck on pullover or rest area. The truck is roomy and with some arrangement, 3 kids can...
  15. molanginaeda

    Our summer 17 days crosscountry camping trip

    In 2016, we did the East Coast Canada and found our way to Newfoundland. For this year, we are doing a cross country road trip to Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. The trip started on June 30th till July 16. 17 days trip with 4 days westbound from MA and 4 days eastbound from AB...
  16. molanginaeda

    19 day road trip from PA to Newfoundland and back

    Very Nice Trip. 3 Days in NFL is a bit short. The cost for ferry is probably your highest spending beside fuel. I spend 7 days in NFL last year and I'm not even done 10% of the island. I'm hoping to return in the future.
  17. molanginaeda

    Hello from Snowy Massachusetts

    Welcome to PUP. Another masshole here.
  18. molanginaeda

    Planning for 2017

    When is your trip? If in late July or later, iceberg sighting will be rare. You really need to travel north to see iceberg. Taking the viking trail up north to L'anse Aux Meadows for good iceberg sighting. Also for 2017, all park entrance fee waive for Park Canada. You can order your park...
  19. molanginaeda

    2017 schedule set...almost

    Yup. Canada is celebrating 150 years old. All entrance is waive to Park Canada sites. I have to wake up early and stake out the reservation website to get my reservation in Banff & Jasper. I got 5 days in Banff and 5 days on Jasper in the opening day. Most site is quickly book up...
  20. molanginaeda

    Big Trip of 2017

    That's a lot of CG hopping, but I'm glad to see you back into camping. I hope to see some great pictures and read up your trip report. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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