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    New or newish lift systems

    I have a 2016 Jayco 1007 with a factory installed electric lift system. It has never given me any trouble other than the motor burning out. ($175 for new one) but it works. During the burn out period I used a 20w Dewalt drill to raise and lower the top after I discovered that you have to...
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    Must Have Board Games

    Roll for It.. Good for all age groups.
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    Doesn't every camper bring along Spam for breakfast?

    I read the other day that the first batch of SPAM was made in 1937. The second batch in January 2020. BTW Europe was kept alive with SPAM after WWII
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    We stayed at the KOA in Gettysburg when we were tent campers. It was very nice.
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    Outdoor Camp Kitchens.

    I built it, here is a link
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    Outdoor Camp Kitchens.

    I use the 2 ft by 4 ft table mentioned above and place my camp kitchen on it.
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    Map of Upcoming Rallies

    This is really a great idea. Thank you.
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    Opinions needed—badly!

    I'm 76 now and wish I had purchased an A frame camper instead of my Jayco. I have electric lift to help but setup still take at least 30 minutes. Going to put the popup up for sale as soon as the title is clear.
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    Looks better than marshmallows!

    My Daughter had a hot dog like fork with a circle instead of prongs==( ). (She bought it at Knobels Grove camp store.) Into this she put a sugar cone with a layer of semi-sweet chocolate chips, mini marshmallows then repeated. She covered the cone with tinfoil and held it over the campfire...
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    What is camping.. Pictures ONLY!

    Jellystone Camping Resort Quarryville, Pa Site 007 Jul 21-25. Near the water park with space for two cars and a golf cart.
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    older campers

    I'll be 76 next month and leave for Jellystone Camp in Quarryville PA Tuesday. I am traveling with SIL, Daughter and GK's (2). I can handle the setup by myself, (elect lift) but SIL does the towing. My 2006 Odyssey just can't cut it any more. My Jayco is 3 years old and I love her but if I...
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    Replace Pop-Up Countertops

    The T-molding sites sells the bits. I believe there are four sizes so match the molding slot width with the molding bit. Look under installation tools.
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    A/C got warn and the threw breaker

    Thank you for posting the solution. I am clueless about AC and I appreciate your passing on good information.
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    Replace Pop-Up Countertops

    You can use plywood with formica and add a plastic edge from but you will need a Router
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    Need a new grey tote - Camco Rhino?

    That looks really good. I put it on my wish list at Amazon. Does it have a carry bag for all the attachments?
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    Water and washing dishes

    I always used a 5 gal water jug from BJ's with a this pump. We keep it on the edge of the picnic table.
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    Made a towel rack that hangs and stores under the bunkend!

    Don't forget the Dowel rod towel bar:
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    Quick connect fitting for griddle?

    Propane Gear also makes an adapter for the Coleman Road Trip grill that is so popular with campers. I have it on mine with a 10 foot hose. Works great.
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    What else do I need to do to my Honda Odyssey 2006?

    Just yesterday I put six 40 pound bags of wood pellets in the back of my 2006 Oddy and the hitch dropped a good 3 inches. New springs maybe, air bags definitely.

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