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  1. Lumbergodd

    How to stabilize camper?

    Our pup only had stabs in the back It shook pretty good when someone was moving around. I put cheap aluminum jack stands under the frame in the front corners and it helped a lot. Also, having solid blocking (wood, lynx levelers, whatever) under your stabs will help. The less you have to crank...
  2. Lumbergodd

    Gone to the dark side.

    We're into our 2nd year living on the Dark Side and just finished our 12th trip. If we hadn't switched I'm afraid my wife wouldn't be able to camp at all anymore. We're loving it and I hope you do too.
  3. Lumbergodd

    dark one on road side

    Mobile Meth Lab.
  4. Lumbergodd

    First experience with rivets

    To avoid galvanic reactions use aluminum rivets on aluminum and steel rivets on steel. Also, you can use washers if your holes are too big.
  5. Lumbergodd

    Folding table

    I found this aluminum roll-up table at a discount store. I think I paid 6 bucks for it. It folds down and rolls up to a compact shape, it's light weight, and hot pans or cook stoves don't bother it. My daughter liked it so much that she asked me to get her one for Christmas. I found it on Amazon...
  6. Lumbergodd


    That looks like I-75 north of Detroit on Memorial day weekend.
  7. Lumbergodd

    What's Your Health Tonic?

    Me too! And an additional benefit is tonic water has quinine in it so I don't have to worry about getting malaria!:laugh:
  8. Lumbergodd

    Camping Greed??

    Michigander here. FIPS works just as well for Hoosiers and Illini. That being said, the original campground owners probably didn't have a mortgage on the property and just had their daily expenses to pay for. The new owners probably have a whole new set of bills to pay, hence the higher rates...
  9. Lumbergodd

    Approaching 60. 230 lbs. pop up tent trailer easy to set up? Looking at palomino Shetland 1993.

    We bought our 2000 Jayco 8U when I turned 60. My wife had just had both knees replaced and we were tired of sleeping on the ground. The actual act of setting up the camper was pretty much my responsibility because she physically couldn't do the hard parts. She could handle most of the other...
  10. Lumbergodd

    NTU PUP! Biggest issues to know about?

    Give each of the kids specific jobs to do while setting up and taking down the camper. It will get the job done a little faster, get them out of your hair while you do the heavy lifting, and teach them the responsibilities of camping life.
  11. Lumbergodd

    Oregon Profiting Off Out of Staters.

    We in Michigan sometimes call our southern neighbors FIPs. F--king Indiana/Illinois People. They don't have anywhere nice to camp in their own states so they come north and bogart our campgrounds. Can I get an "Amen" from my Wisconsin brethren?
  12. Lumbergodd

    Oregon Profiting Off Out of Staters.

    I wish Michigan would charge out-of-staters more. I think they could charge double and the FIPs would still pay it.
  13. Lumbergodd

    Favorite Camping Chair

    We got these at Gander Mountain before they went out of business. I don't know if these, or something like them, are still available but we both think that they are very well built and super comfortable.
  14. Lumbergodd

    camping near trains

    Warren Dunes State Park, in SW Michigan, is near train tracks. Not only that, you can also be lulled to sleep at night to the sounds of cars, motorcycles, and semis roaring up and down I-94.
  15. Lumbergodd

    Wow - Sold in record time!

    We bought our popup 6 years ago. A 2000 Jayco Qwest 8U. Paid $1500 for it. Very good shape but the countertops needed to be rebuilt. I put about $100 into that, took out the sink and stove and took off the battery and propane tanks. I left the furnace because I didn't want to get into totally...
  16. Lumbergodd

    Recommendations for trailer with 3 small kids

    Check out the Jayco X213. King bed in a rear slide, 2 bunks up front, dinette and sofa both convert to beds, 24foot overall length and comes in dry at 4700 pounds. Other manufacturers make similar floor plans.
  17. Lumbergodd

    What do you pull your TT with?

    2021 Jeep Gladiator Sport S Max Tow. Rated to pull 7600 pounds. It might be a little under powered for the mountains but here in the flat Mid-west it does just fine. Also. cool factor 100.
  18. Lumbergodd

    How do you camp?

    All of the above.
  19. Lumbergodd

    Toy hauler as bunk house?

    I thought that this would totally make sense when we were looking. One of the things we wanted was sleeping space for our grand kids when they came along. My wife, however nixed this idea and we settled on the Jayco X213. This trailer probably won't fit your needs but was a good compromise for us.
  20. Lumbergodd

    Going to look

    If you're not in a hurry and can wait a year or two I've got a hunch that there will be a whole bunch of gently used trailers on the market. Once this Covid thing is over and people can get back to their air flights and cruises the "outdoor life" will wear off for a lot of folks.

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