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  1. David Marchetti

    I can’t hook up my battery!

    Yes, you raised a good point and thank you for both comments. 🙂
  2. David Marchetti

    I can’t hook up my battery!

    Yeah. It sounded like household AC wiring with black/white/ground. In his case though it looks similar to mine since he has two red wires. My guess for him would be that the reds go to positive and the blacks to negative. With DC they really should keep to a standard of not using black to...
  3. David Marchetti

    I can’t hook up my battery!

    Interesting. What year is your camper and do you know if it ever had any rewireing done? Also, do you have any red wires going to the battery at all?
  4. David Marchetti

    Do you leave the water heater anode rod installed through winter?

    I like that. I was thinking of cutting the rod off too. Thanks.
  5. David Marchetti

    I can’t hook up my battery!

    Why and when wouldn't black go to negative?
  6. David Marchetti

    Do you leave the water heater anode rod installed through winter?

    I drained the water heater and was wondering if it would be better to loosely reinstall the rod, or leave the opening to air out. Another option would be to stuff a little rag or something into the opening. My guess is the anode rod might continue to corrode a bit due to evaporation of the...
  7. David Marchetti

    Canvas too tight

    First, attach all the velcro to the door which should be reasonably easy. Next, zip the four zippers that lead to the bunk ends. And last, install the tension poles for the bunk ends. I like to use Protectall wax on the outside of all of my canvas once a year which keeps it pliable, and helps...
  8. David Marchetti

    I can’t hook up my battery!

    No offense but you really need the help of someone more familiar with doing this kind of work. That being said, I would ONLY put the reds to positive. The blacks typically go to negative. The white typically goes to negative. The green typically goes to negative. Considering the risky way you...
  9. David Marchetti

    Easy way to remove valance or curtain "C" clips from track

    Removing the valance has been annoyingly difficult and I was always worried the clips would break. A simple solution is to just use something like wire cutters to snip off a small piece of the track. In the included photo, I made a vertical mark that shows the width of one clip. Then I used wire...
  10. David Marchetti

    Adding drawer in existing cabinet

    Important! If the fridge runs off of propane, then any cutting into that cabinet ultimately has to be sealed tight with some sort of gasketing or flexible caulk. Otherwise, propane exhaust fumes from the refrigerator will continuously enter your popup which is especially bad when you close all...
  11. David Marchetti

    My knock-down shelf mod

    Yes I know it's a very old thread.. It's a shame when someone had a great idea and posted it with pictures only to have the pictures unavailable in the future. I wish images were always imbedded in the website rather than pointing to something like Photobucket. We lose the images if the person...
  12. David Marchetti

    Hub and brake parts for 2008 Forest River Flagstaff MAC / LTD 205

    Help! Any brake and wheel hub gurus out there? I am trying to buy a new electric brake assembly and repack bearings etc. for our 2008 Forest River Flagstaff MAC / LTD 205. The problem is that I am getting conflicting info when searching parts. The hubs are stamped 8440. They are 7" diameter...
  13. David Marchetti

    Battery Placement Help

    Does anyone store their propane tank inside the camper and just hook it up on the ground at the campsite? That would make plenty of room for two batteries and help with balance.
  14. David Marchetti

    Restoring. Enamel. Dutch ovens

    Thanks for the feedback. At least you have a good baseline of what the actual finish is. Beyond that, I don't think you can improve it without actually going through polishing grits. But, I bet it looks great when it's full of food! ; )
  15. David Marchetti

    Door panel keeps falling down

    Do the white plastic sliders move freely? Is there good spring pressure? Are the corners of the white plastic tabs rounded off too much?
  16. David Marchetti

    Restoring. Enamel. Dutch ovens

    Sometimes mineral deposits are present on surfaces which lock in stains and make surfaces look dull. Starting with a clean pot, try pouring in a half inch or so of white vinegar and let it soak overnight. Use a scrub brush or similar a couple of times throughout the soaking. Then drain and wash...
  17. David Marchetti

    Holding open the main door

    Could something like this work instead of the spring?
  18. David Marchetti

    What is this port for on the side?

    In my case, the port is behind the small area that has the inverter, the gfci outlet, water pump switch, and propane detector. But there isn't anyplace to bring an extension cord through to the gfci outlet.
  19. David Marchetti

    What is this port for on the side?

    Great. I'll do that at the same time I mooch their cable signal!
  20. David Marchetti

    What is this port for on the side?

    Sorry but I don't know what mooch docking means. So does anyone know for sure what the second hatch is for? I have the same thing on my 2008 Forrest river flagstaff 205 Mac. BTW, I'm currently using it to store the 15/30 amp adapter because it felt good to give it a purpose. ; )

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