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    One of life's mysteries explained

    I think it's great! I think I will share it with my grandson, he is going to graduate from high school in June. He is only 18 years old. Do you think he will like it?
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    Bear w/ me...

    I took a class at Yellowstone on dealing with potential aggressive wildlife. The simple way that the park Ranger put it was. Remember the rule of thumb, which was to extend your arm horizontally with your thumb raised up, and if you can't cover the view of the wildlife with you thumb you are too...
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    Grand Teton NP to Grand Canyon NP

    The only time that she is bad is when I don't take her camping enough.
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    Whose ready for Watermelon?

    Almost gives it a camouflage look to it.
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    2023 Spring Rally PA/OH

    Thanks anyway! I hope you have a good time!
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    2023 Spring Rally PA/OH

    I'm sorry to report that that weekend is the weekend before my youngest senior year final exams. That is a bummer!
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    July 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Might like to try using a product that has worked quite well for me. It is 3M black super weatherstrip and gasket adhesive . I found it on an automotive restoration web site called Hemmings. Works great!
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    Any interest in a Colorado Rally?

    Please count me in.
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    2023 Spring Rally PA/OH

    I would possibly very much like to, but I need to know the detail.
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    2023 Spring Rally PA/OH

    When is your rally?
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    My oldest is a Marine. After his 1st tour of Iraq he wanted nothing to do with camping. After he got discharged, he started get back into it. Your son will come back into it when he realizes the the Gunny isn't coming around to give an inspection of his gear. Thank you to you, and your son for...
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    Raise The Roof

    Good morning, I hope this note finds you and your families well. I liked the lift device that was on slim potato head. The things that came to mind for me, was he mentions the placement of the device. I thought you could either mark the correct location on the 2x4. Or put a small stop block on...
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    Hello from Southern Arizona!

    Welcome from Illinois!
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    Small generator

    My good wife and I have a Honda Generator. It is quiet, but the noise that it makes, is small but it still scares the wildlife away. I try not using it unless absolutely needed. Nothing beats putting the coffee on at dawn, and a few rocky mountain elk sleeping in bushes right next to your...
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    New Axle - 1984 Coleman Williamsburg

    Dexter Axle Phone # 864-263-3170 These folks know the ins and outs of nearly any trailer axle. They helped me fix the brakes on mine. They will get you rolling. Enjoy the outdoors! Keep camping.
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    Grand Teton NP to Grand Canyon NP

    We would be camping in June and early July. We wouldn't need hookups as long as night time temps are cool enough to sleep, and even then we have a small generator if needed. I really don't think we would need it till we got in the desert. Then I already know where we are going to stay in Cave...
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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I got my popup because its easy to get into smaller campsites, ones that are in the National forest or National parks. No need for hookups. We pack a small generator for power. We have only used it one time. You don't really need one. I love getting into a camp site in the National forest they...
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    Invitation To All Guests Of PopUpPortal

    I would bring the dog with me, I would just follow her back to the trailer! How do I know that this would work? Because I've done it once before!
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    Grand Teton NP to Grand Canyon NP

    Driving along U.S. 191. Any thoughts? Good morning, I hope this note finds you and your families well. My good wife and I are planning a trip starting in Chicago, going to Grand Teton NP, then to drive down U.S. 191 to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Then down to Cave Creek AZ. to visit...