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    Dry pancake mix?

    •8 cups of flour •1.5 cups of dry milk •3/4 cup of sugar •2 tsp. of salt •2 tablespoons of baking powder DIRECTIONS Combine the ingredients together and store in an airtight container in a cool/dry place. You can also store in plastic bags… To make your pancakes, mix 1/2 cup of water to 1 cup...
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    Please pray for my family especially my wife and our unborn son

    Dear Father in Heaven, Please strengthen all of the members of the Smith family with your love and hope, and guide all of the medical staff with your gracious wisdom. In Jesus' Name. Amen. Proverbs 3; 5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding. Seek...
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    Campground suggestions..CT or MA for late June

    Countryside RV Park in Griswold, CT (you have to go just based on your avatar). Its 10 minutes off of 395. You can read the reviews here: Within a 30minute drive there is a great submarine museum...
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    Planning a Trip to Maine for July or August...HELP

    I've camped at all three of these places and based on what you said you were looking for I would rank them in this order: 1. Chewonki Campground - 2. Searsport Shores - 3. Hermit Island -
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    Countryside RV Park - CT

    Taxus, Our kids are 10,8.6,4 and they love this place. Playground is perfect for for the three little ones. Swimming pond is clean and shallow. Fishing pond is stocked (my 8 year old landed one fish in about 5 seconds - she had a streak going of 6 casts = 6 catches). Bring bikes as the...
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    Countryside RV Park - CT

    Great place. This is our third time going and it's never come close to disappointing. Pet and kid friendly. Read the reviews here: Would be a great place for a rally as they have several loops that could accomodate pop-ups.
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    Help! Need rocker switch for bunkend fan/light

    [?] Does anyone know where I can get a replacement rocker switch for a bunkend fan/light combo? I've searched everywhere - local rv shop, radio shack, local hardware, local electronics, boater's world. All have told me they don't carry any rocker switches this small. I'm hoping someone can...
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    Sleepless nights

    Have you taken the time to see if there is a link between what & when she eats and her sleep? Our first three were pretty decent sleepers, our fourth not so much. Took us some time to figure it out but my wife has dairy allergies and turns out our youngest has real problems sleeping at night...
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    When you go camping.....

    Been there, said that, got the same expression...but my thought process is - "Dude, are you kidding me? Do you really not understand how great camping is? Man, I honestly feel sorry for you. Someday friend - someday."
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    Am I a bad dad?

    Thanks for your service. I'm a father of 4 (10, 8, 6, 4) and a surrogate father of now 22 year old nephew (we took custody of him when he was 11). Here's my [2C]: 1) Have a heart to heart before camping season starts. Let them know how important camping with them is to you and how you...
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    Mass or Vermont, Anybody have any ideas?

    We really enjoyed our trip "on the Battenkill" last year. There's a restaurant just 1/2 mile drive as you turn left out of the campground (can't remember it's name); they have a great breakfast if you are not up for cooking one morning. Check out the Battle of Bennington Monument and Hildene...
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    Cape Cod Sweetwater Forest

    First off, I hope everything worked out ok healthwise. Glad to hear you enjoyed the campground. We have been there twice ourselves and felt the same way you did. It's a great CG and we also liked that it was situated so close to a beautiful bike path. Absolutely worth the trip in our...
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    My wheelchair modified PUP

    Awesome! Good for you for living your dream. Hope you and your family have some great trips. Thanks for posting.
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    Camping with Arthritis

    Lynn, Have you investigated speaking with a pharmacist at a compounding pharmacy near you? Compounding pharmacies are very unique in that they can prepare certain medications - like arthritis meds - in forms that are not commercially available. For example, if your husband was not able to take...
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    Turn signals cut out

    It is definitely something to do with Nissans. We have a '05 Quest and we have had the same problem for 3 years. Since I'm almost always braking when I get ready to put on the turn signal it's not a problem. With the occaisonal lane change I just manually "pump" the turn signal, and that...
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    MA - Nickerson State Park

    Thanks for the review. We are looking for a new place to explore for a weekend.
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    Where to camp in Massachusetts?

    Wells State Park is quite nice. Lake fishing, swimming, and our experience (we've been 3 times) is that it has been quiet at night. Bathrooms aren't great, and there are no hook ups.
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    Meals premade at home, no cooking required?

    We prepare a great dish, usually for the first night. Ingredients as follows: Chourico (pronounced Shareece; its a Portuguese sausage. We buy it ground. You can find it at your grocer in the same area they sell sausage, brauts, hot dogs, etc. It's spicy so younger kids may not like it.)...
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    Where are you camping this Memorial Day? 2009

    We are going to Saddleback Campground in NH. This place is such a jewel and a great place if you have kids. You can sit and relax and see the entire campground from any site. So when your kids want to catch frogs, or ride their bikes, or go to the playground you can say "Great, I'll come with...
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    Nissan Quest Towing

    We've been towing with a Quest for 2.5 years throughout New England. No tranny cooler; no problems ever with the tow package which we had installed by our RV dealer. Our Fleetwood Williamsburg tows like a dream. Tow with confidence, my friend. [8D]