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  1. Rabbit86

    Thetford C-402C not flushing

    For ours - 2 things have happened: 1 - the pump motor went bad. Was able to pick it up on Amazon for $40. Easy to install, but the butt connectors supplied in the kit crumbled when crimped and forced a quick trip out to get some more. The Heat shrink tubing has some type of extra sealant in it...
  2. Rabbit86

    May 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Summerizing a camper is much like winterizing, except we don't add antifreeze. Flush out the water, drain the water heater, blow out the lines, and do a serious scrub down. Block up any places critters can get (more of an insect problem than mice/other rodents since moving - darn mud daubers...
  3. Rabbit86

    May 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Reattached the side tent rail on the curbside as FR thought that 3 screws would hold up a 9-foot piece of plastic. Replaced the electric motor in the toilet, because they wanted more $ for labor (and wouldn't just give me the part) than the part cost, and of course that should fail so quickly...
  4. Rabbit86

    Power surge protector recommendations

    We use a POWSAF model we purchased from Amazon, POWSAF RV Surge Protector 30 amp with Waterproof Cover, RV Voltage Protector/Monitor with Surge Protection(4100 Joules), Designed with Easy to Use Handles is what appears to be the current replacement. Never had any issues with many years of use.
  5. Rabbit86

    Alafia River State Park

    We stayed at Alafia State Park from 3/3/23 through 3/5/23. Site 21. This was not our first stay at this park, and it was as enjoyable as the last. Again camped with our Grandson and the Puppy, our second trip with the Rockwood (with more problems, yay!). The site was very level (side to...
  6. Rabbit86

    Lake Griffin State Park

    We stayed at Lake Griffin State Park from 2/25/23 through 2/27/23, LG loop, spot 14. This was our first camping trip in the Rockwood (maybe post about that later) and our first trip with our Grandson. Normally for a weekend getaway, we don't travel far from Lakeland, but - right after getting...
  7. Rabbit86

    Coleman Add-A-Room 12ft and Bag Awning

    12 foot Add-A-Room and bag awning. Camper sold and new owners didn't want it. Awning bag is in poor condition, but awning itself ok. All poles present, I believe all parts for the add-a-room are present as well. Hadn't used it in 7 years. It's in its storage bag, have original instructions...
  8. Rabbit86

    Television at campsite?

    For years used a tabletop tv for those rainy nights especially with the kids, even had a VCR back in the day. Later years, we hooked up a 24inch flat panel on a mount in the Timberlake for my wife and I to watch at night now that the kids are working on their own families. (lately using a...
  9. Rabbit86

    October 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    For our old Timberlake, took our last trip up to Keystone Heights and then set her up for pictures for her for sale posting. For the new Rockwood, got a hanging carousel for over/behind the sink area which we think will be a better use of storage space than the Rockwell "wardrobe" that was...
  10. Rabbit86

    Roof Rails, 2005 Fleetwood Utah

    The etrailer option may be what we are looking for - I reached out to them to find out if they fit the existing rails. Thanks All
  11. Rabbit86

    Roof Rails, 2005 Fleetwood Utah

    Hi, Looking at a 2005 Utah, in very nice / nearly new / garage kept condition - which has rails in the roof for a roof rack, but no rack. Googling didn't seem to help me - (could be the bad connection here at the campground) - are components still available for these rails to add a roof rack...
  12. Rabbit86

    Brake Controller Questions

    Our Curt Echo Smart Brake Controller has been great. No work at all to install (wireless/bluetooth) just install the app, setup and you are good to go.
  13. Rabbit86

    Lake Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

    Went to Lake Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park Saturday until Thursday. Site 001. Be prepared if you go to this campground and pack food, etc. before you go - as the closest store is about 23 miles away (Sweat Peas Groceries). Once you get to the park - its over 4 miles on a dirt (crushed...
  14. Rabbit86

    Oscar Scherer State Park

    Went to Oscar Scherer State Park from a Friday until Monday on the first weekend in September. First time to this campground. Check in was fast and friendly, and the rain that we had on the way there stopped before we got there. There is only 1 entrance to the camping loop - over a 1 at a time...
  15. Rabbit86

    Replace travel door lock

    Well, we decided that it would be better to get it done rather than me trying to squeeze it into my work schedule for a repair. Got a hold of a local mobile RV repair company who came to the house and took care of it for what we felt was a good price ($190). Although my wife was home at the...
  16. Rabbit86

    Replace travel door lock

    I still have no joy on removing the lock or panel. Got to travel and will be a bit before I get back to it. Hopefully I can figure it out!
  17. Rabbit86

    Replace travel door lock

    I have taken out rivets that appear on the edge of the panel where the lock is mounted, as well as screws from the bottom of the side panel. There was also a bolt on the outer piece of metal with the rivets, and once removed - it did not seem to allow access to the next "layer" of metal. But -...
  18. Rabbit86

    Replace travel door lock

    Our travel door lock has failed on our 2000 Fleetwood Timberlake. The lock literally fell apart in our hands. Locating the lock itself was easy, but replacing it has been a challenge. The lock is built into the sidewall of the camper, and access so far has been impossible. Anyone done this...
  19. Rabbit86

    New pop up owner in PA!

    Welcome from Florida!
  20. Rabbit86

    November 2020 - What did you do for your camper this month?

    We like to think so, 20 years might not be that old, but there is a lot camping time in those years, and some of them were rough (kids can be a little brutal on things). I sometimes wonder if we hadn't of outgrown our first camper, if we would still have it or not. Less than 100 bucks a year...