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    1997 Sea Pine Cap Outer Replacement

    I bought a sea pine at a deal of a price. Interior and exterior are perfect, except the outer cap. The ABS hard cap ends, sides, and center sections (top) were removed and the fiberglass substrate was left exposed. The fiberglass is in perfect shap so I sprayed it with spray bed liner and...
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    Drop door locking mechanism

    I'll post a pic tomorrow when I get back to the trailer. The screws are Phillips head machine screws. Normal 10 by 20 threads per inch.
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    Drop door locking mechanism

    So I need to replace my locking mechanism key and when I goto remove the two screws that hold the mechanism onto the door skin, they just spin and never come out. What am I doing wrong? I applied pressure to the housing to see if that would release them but nope. Both screws doing the...
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    Choosing a battery

    If you have issues with not being able to charge consistently, and may need your heater at night, I would opt for a 6D. They are a flooded type but the capacity is great. To give you an ideal of their capabilities, they are typically specified for bulldozers. But dozers use 2 as they are a...
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    Want to add Air Conditioner to 1994 Rockwood XL 1280...

    How do you place your portable unit?
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    looking for some information on solar showers and outdoor shower coverings.

    looking for some information on solar showers and outdoor shower coverings.
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    Aluminum boat transportation

    I am looking to see if anyone takes a small aluminium fishing boat on the roof racks. I would really like to do this vs a Kayak. I am getting old and a small gas motor or electric trolling motor to get around vs kayak pedals. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks
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    Ripped Window Fix?

    I have a similar issue. The clear window opened the seem like the zipper and the lower portion is not removable so I cannot remove the window in its entirety, make the repairs~or simply replace it. It appears to be integrated in that panel. The panel is located behind the sink...... Help...
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    Centurion 3000 Converter Replacement

    Thanks Roy. I was looking to do a stand alone battery charger like you have and adding Gerlich Merlin DC circuit breakers into their own distribution panel. I know the RV stuff works but I can't imagine they work as well as say a battery charger for a emergency generator set. I'm looking for...
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    Centurion 3000 Converter Replacement

    Thank you all for your input. I will be installing the replacement next weekend after I pick it up.
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    Centurion 3000 Converter Replacement

    My centurion 3000 just gave it up. I know this thread covers this but it has been a few years since this thread has been updated and I was wondering which units have been used as a direct replacment? I'm going out in a few weeks to the desert and it is going to be cold so I want to make sure...
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    Lift blocks for a SOA setup

    I can do the welding I just figured it's best to look at all of the different modifications that have been accomplished. I so dont like to reinvent the wheel.
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    Hello from Southern California

    That sounds good. I will look into the Heater Buddy and see if that will work out. Thanks.
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    Furnace Specifications for Coleman Sea Pine

    I have a 1998 Sea Pine and am looking to spec out a solar panel and batteries. The largest load that I have is the fan for the Furnace to keep the girls warm at night. Does anyone have the specs on this furnace or know where to find it? Thank in advance.
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    Hello from Southern California

    Thanks for the info. I do have a solar panel but where we camp is mostly shaded. I still put it out and capture what I can. The main culperate is the heater fan. I will definitely look into the Gizmos over the end caps. I was not aware that someone made that product. I was looking to place...
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    Hello from Southern California

    I use it in the Mammoth area when we are there for the fishing season. The main concern it to make certain the battery is fully charged for the evening but since it is a quiet area, not to be THAT GUY running the 6500 watt diesel genny......