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    The darkside.

    Congrats...I have gone over too......Bought a 24ft 5th wheel Sorry folks, but the wife and I love it....only down side, its wwaaaaaayyyyyy harder on
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    3-Way LPG (Propane) Tank Adapter Fitting (Completed)

    I ordered one of these on eBay. It works great, but the only thing is, it has no safety valves in it....You must hook both sides up or it will leak
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    Is safe make compartment doors?

    Do you mean to the outside of the camper or into the interior? If outside, it would have to be well sealed as to prevent road spray and dirt from getting in Not a real good idea in my mind
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    What do you listen to on XMRadio/Sirius while camping?

    The day I have to pay to listen to radio is the day I give up Didnt I say that about TV?
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    Television and how to store for traveling

    Mine fits in the original box, pedestal attached....There is enough room in there for the satellite receiver and remotes. The whole box sits on the floor of the popup.....The trouble I have is finding a spot for the satellite dish and tripod....... Also, the cellular hub for the internet is also...
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    What do you mean no dump station

    Which it seems to be......It just seems really weird to me
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    camping hassles

    Yeah......he's about 10 feet from my camper as I type this...... [LOL]
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    Three sheets to the wind

    Gracious Canadian here.......We are sitting in our camper right now, in the next site is a bunch and the one guy seems to be getting louder and drunker....Being a good Canadian, I wont say anything, but I can see it getting ugly....Hopefully, they will sleep late
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    Explain the draw to an open sky site

    Maybe, they are together as a group.... I can see that there would be less bugs A clear view of the sky helps my setup of the satellite dish much I would rather work around that than site in the blazing sun all weekend
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    What do you mean no dump station

    Just had a first for me.....We are in a private campground this weekend with our popup. We usually get a water/electric site and use the large tote we have. That is usually dumped at the CGs dump station as needed. I couldnt locate the dump station, so I asked at the office where it was. Turns...
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    Getting tired of popping up and down!

    Looks like there are pluses and minuses of every type of RV......I am thinking about a 5th wheel in my future.....I am sure I wont like
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    Alberta to Ont

    Have fun...Last year, we went from Ontario to Jasper and back with the popup...Took a month to do it....A week each way and 2 weeks there. Must have set the trailer up and down 20 times.......
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    LED lights

    We have never camped before without hookups. In a couple of weeks we are going to a provincial park, there are no hookups nearby, so we will fill our water tank and run on batteries for a few days. I guess I can throw an extra RV battery in the truck as I have one, but will need to watch our...
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    Interesting Observation

    They have been in the back end of the raised roof of "B" class camper vans for years now
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    What size PVC pipe and length do I buy for outdoor carpet storage?

    Carpet? The carpet I have for my popup would roll up and still be a lot bigger than 6 inches thick.....
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    Probably a mistake

    ....but I just got back from setting up my popup in a park for my daughter, SIL and the 2 grandkids...They have never camped on their own before. They have the trailer for 2 days, then will go up Friday and pick up the pieces.... I hope I explained everything to them.....and I hope they absorbed...
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    tandem towing?

    Illegal in places.....I have seen 5th wheels with a boat trailer in tow, so I guess thats legal here, but double ball hitches, I am sure is not allowed
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    I'm convinced but I could be wrong

    You got your phone back, be happy BTW..change all your passwords for banking etc
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    2001 Coleman Sante Fe - No battery or breakaway battery

    I thought Sante Fes came with a battery....Mine has one.
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    Borrowing Agreement

    Only way I would lend it to family is to take it and set it up and tear it down for them......Just too many variables with that part of it..I seem to be the only one in my family that is the least bit mechanically Anyone else......NO