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  1. John3M

    My vernon

    My daughter lives nearby i would like to take my pop up in September. Any suggestions are welcome. I have a kayak i use for fishing. Just myself and my wife.
  2. John3M

    Is 99 too hot for AC

  3. John3M

    Boat question

    When traveling I bring along my Sea Eagle Pontoon boat. I was going to get a kayak but the Ac on the roof plus the solar panel made roof carry out of the question. I purchased a Sea Eagle inflatable pontoon boat designed for fishing instead. I have a trolling motor and a fish finder also. My...
  4. John3M

    When on the road?

    Its a good thing we’re entitled to our own opinions
  5. John3M

    When on the road?

    Trying to learn I don't want to file an insurance claim so soon. I was a member of a motorcycle forum for ten years and never had the need to tell someone to do a search. I don't find searches that helpful you rarely find what your needing. As far as the frig i kinda expected a colder box but...
  6. John3M

    When on the road?

    I I get it do a search, but what good is a forum if all anyone does is search. Same story on all forums. Not to mention telling someone to do a search i my opinion is disrespectful.
  7. John3M

    When on the road?

    Wondering if its better to run refrigerator On electric or propane while driving ? Or is it bad to drive with propane on? Im Still pretty new at this
  8. John3M

    On the road July 27th

    looking forward to staying near Twin Lakes Colorado for a week. I was wondering about facilities for disposal of Grey and Black water? anyone familiar with the area? were planning to stay at Cache creek and do a little prospecting.
  9. John3M

    Found this tool in my new pop up

    A what ;) i’m goin back to my home planet, Roswell here i come.
  10. John3M

    Found this tool in my new pop up

  11. John3M

    Question about material used for making the roof

    My wife would like to hang additional shelves, not heavy shelves but using lite material. The trailer came with some that hang over the sink area. Is the ceiling solid or do the use joist like material? Its s flagstaff 2021 se for off-road.
  12. John3M

    Found this tool in my new pop up

    Thanks for all the help, well most of it anyway
  13. John3M

    Found this tool in my new pop up

    Ok ok ok i get it
  14. John3M

    Found this tool in my new pop up

    Flagstaff 228bhse
  15. John3M

    Flagstaff 228bhse

    Flagstaff 228bhse
  16. John3M

    Found this tool in my new pop up

    Anyone recognise it?
  17. John3M

    Trailer mods

    Not sure where to post this. I will be adding a rear view camera to the rear of my pop up. My question is what are the trailer walls made with. If I can I want to attach a camera to the outside rear wall above the spare tire. Can I screw the camera down to that wall? It’s a Flagstaff 228BHSE...
  18. John3M

    Fresh water tank

    its the milky white kind. the trailer is a pop up the Flagstaff 228BHSE