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    Sink Drain Issue

    Never seen such a thing. I'd throw it away and put in something normal.
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    Home Made Anode Rod Thread Cleaner

    I have not heard of any other kind
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    It looks like you are planning to turn your popup into a Hybrid with solid 2x4 walls. Is that what your plan is? I've never seen that done before. Interesting.
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    Parts manual for RM2193 fridge

    I have a pdf of the user manual on my website at this link, but no parts manual. I imagine Dometic has a parts manual on their website
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    Did I destroy my hot water heater?

    Is this your first time using it since winterizing? How was it winterized last year?
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    Did I destroy my hot water heater?

    I did the same once and left the heater on and burning for about 10 minutes and it was still ok. Im guessing you have a loose connection on a water line somewhere.
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    Carpenter Ant damage to inside??

    The rear ABS panel you show in this photo is pulled out of the body side panel metal track, leaving a big gap for rain and water to enter and get into the wood interior. This ABS panel should be held firmly in the metal track. In my model and year the ABS panel is held in the track with the...
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    Finially finished redoing the camper roof! WHOOO-HOOO!!!

    Nice repair with MEK and Grizzly Grip!!!
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    Very concerned about electric lift

    I'd disconnect the electric lift and get used to how it feels using the crank. Then if you must use something electric, buy a drill crank attachment from to crank it up 80% and crank the last 2 feet by hand.
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    Am I the only one coming home with something broken on every trip so far?

    The general rule cited many times with popups is "Never Force Anything" If its "stuck", figure out why its stuck, and gently un-stick it rather than forcing it. Always repeat this saying over and over "Never Force Anything" "Never Force Anything" "Never Force Anything" "Never Force...
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    Dometic RM 7401 cooling issues - need ideas I am at my wits end

    We just replaced our propane regulator and it works a lot better now with a new propane regulator. Now all the appliances burn stronger flames. Might be worth a shot before spending $1300 on a new frig
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    Wasted propane on extension hose after shutting off

    It looks like this subject is discussed in other RV forum threads as well with several ideas of what to call it Here's another where forum user "IceChicken" says: By leaving high pressure in the hose with the change in temperatures since you last used it may have caused the vapor in the line...
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    Wasted propane on extension hose after shutting off

    Thanks for these links, but they appear to relate to a rubber hose. I only have brass pipes/lines under my camper where the liquid accumulated over the years. Still searching for a consensus of what the liquid was
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    Wasted propane on extension hose after shutting off

    That's a reason I never wanted to bleed off my lines. I guessed it took longer to light the refrig on my next camping trip Until I saw how much brown stinky liquid (technical term :-) accumulates in the lines. Sometimes we leave the refrig burning while we go for one last swim on the way out...
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    Wasted propane on extension hose after shutting off

    So with all this new information what would you all say was the technical name for the stinky liquid that poured out of my gas line when I took the regulator off. It drained all over my hand and onto the garage floor. It had the viscosity of like water, it was brown, not clear, and smelled...
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    Wasted propane on extension hose after shutting off

    Thanks for this info. Some day I want to take apart my old regulator and see what's inside.
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    Wasted propane on extension hose after shutting off

    Thanks for the corrections and clarifications This explanation above about heavies or tars makes the most sense. My regulator was installed the correct direction. What drained out when I changed the regulator was not water. It had a terrible smell to it. I wiped it up with a paper towel and...
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    Insulation advice

    That's not where heat loss comes from. Heat loss comes from the canvas. Just buy a ceramic heater, and get an electric site on cold days, and buy memory foam, which is an excellent insulator of your bed so you don't get cold. See my photos of memory foam for more info
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    Bizarre Electric Winch Failure, PopUp Damage, Manual Winch Install | Covid Yard Camping Day 5 of 10

    Oh, no, not at all referring to anyone in particular or that it was on a Goshen system, just explaining that this time was on a Goshen system. I have the Coleman/Fleetwood system and would not want an electric lift on that system either. Thanks for explaining the things you faced on your...
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    Furnace advice

    Here's more on the sail switch