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  1. 3hooligans

    Moose Hillock Camping Resort - Fort Anne, NY (Lake George area)

    we had to ammend a trip and are heading to Moosehillock later this summer. We have been there twice already. Glad you had a good trip
  2. 3hooligans

    Pay Showers?

    Two places in particular that stand out for us.... Bar Harbor/ Acadia National Park and The Jersey shore. In one CG in Bar Harbor, you purchased tokens at the store, and in the other and in NJ used quarters. Both worked off a washing machine coin box. Fine by us. plenty of time and the...
  3. 3hooligans

    Lift switch going out?

    So after the trip no changes. Still nothing when lowering the roof. Up is 3/4 to 7/8 of the way. I tried reversing the wires at the switch still nothing. I adjusted the limit switches and the lowering limit adjusted how High it went. Still nothing for lowering. Not sure what or how it became...
  4. 3hooligans

    using cruise control

    I have used it on all my trucks in conjunction with tow haul, not an issue for the truck. I turn it off in traffic and on the hills. It keeps me honest. I set it between 65-68.
  5. 3hooligans

    Lift switch going out?

    So... I swapped out the 40 amp, no dice, went up 3/4 of the way. Battery still 12.6 to 12.8. Hooked up my truck battery while running, no change. Tried a different switch... No change. Let it sit, switched out the reverse polarity fuse, still nothing. won't work going down. Checked the...
  6. 3hooligans

    Lift switch going out?

    Well, I let the battery sit unhooked for almost 24 hours, tested it without a load at 12.8 volts. I did buy a new inline 40 amp fuse ( the one right at the battery) and new switch, It was too hot today to start messing about. I may buy a new battery tomorrow.
  7. 3hooligans

    Lift switch going out?

    Hi I just had this issue with my Lift on my 2014 rockwood. I accidentally connected the battery in reverse and used the lift, so up was down and then vice versa. I realized my mistake and it will not work any more. The gears are fine as I am using my drill with the socket for the 3/4 inch...
  8. 3hooligans

    Tiem to address the caulking

    I went with the Geocel Proflex RV Removed the old caulking as best possible, cleaned with mineral spirits, let it dry. Taped it off, then ran a bead along the seam, went back with a soapy finger and smoothed it out. (I wore gloves to keep the stickiness off the fingers) I did not leave the...
  9. 3hooligans

    Light/Fan adapter for Rockwood ESP

    Same thing with my 2014 Rockwood, has the different plug. Orchid is correct.
  10. 3hooligans

    Facebook or the Pop up portal

    I must say I do miss the Tap A Talk app, it made for a great way to search while waiting to pick the kids up. I find facebook good to look at and follow the different groups, because of the pictures and ease of checking other reviews of campgrounds, But it is like looking thru the magazines at...
  11. 3hooligans

    Tiem to address the caulking

    It is time for the seams to be addressed on our 2014 Rockwood premier 2317g. I would like to go with Dicor, But they do not make it in clear. As it is a black trim and tan roof, with Clear slightly yellowed caulking on it. So my question is... has anyone used the Tan Dicor? and Has anyone used...
  12. 3hooligans

    Tonneau Cover

    The covers will be waterproof, but the design of the bed and how it attaches to the truck, are not waterproof, I have had covers on my last 4 trucks, it can get damp or dripped on, but for the most part, it stays dry.
  13. 3hooligans

    June 2018 - So what did you do for your camper this month?

    Unfortunately it is stilling storage at my families garage, surrounded by Carpentry tools and wood. We have been too busy with the end of school stuff for the hooligans. We did however get the driveway at our home widened from 13 feet to 20 feet. Hope to have it out by the end of the month
  14. 3hooligans

    Where do you store your Patio Mat?

    We had a 6x9 that my daughter made a bag for rolled up, it went between the beds when closed up. The new one we have is 9x12, doesn't fit the same way, so it is folded/rolled and in a large sports equipment bag. Just not sold on where it live yet
  15. 3hooligans

    What time do you leave on Sunday?

    would love to have a later check out time, but usually it is 11, and the park needs to check the site before the next one comes in.
  16. 3hooligans

    How Do You Organize Your Front Storage Area?

    We have the storage area with access doors on both sides, our bonus is that there is a tub that slides out weither side when the roof is raised. Each on of the five of us packs our bag for the trip, and it lives in there for the duration of the trip, we also store our hiking bags and rain...
  17. 3hooligans

    First Landing State park Virginia

    We are heading there in the middle of July. If we get there we will review it.
  18. 3hooligans

    Mount Desert Campground Acadia/Bar Harbor area

    Hi Folks, We are staying at Mount Desert Campground in Bar Harbor this Labor day. Has anyone stayed here? thoughts on the CG We Know Bar Harbor and Acadia area. Thanks
  19. 3hooligans

    First Landing State park Virginia

    Hi Folks we are heading to First Landing State Park in Virginia this summer. Has anyone stayed here? How is the CG? How is the beach and area around the CG? Any good thoughts on bike trails or Historical sites?? Thanks
  20. 3hooligans

    Laying a portable AC on it's side

    Compromise, Lean it in so it rests at a 45 degree angle. The one we use sits upright with an inch to spare, but it also says allow two hours before plugging in stored horizontally.