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  1. MKEdmond

    First trip with the kids and a few questions

    Try to find out where the ants are coming from. We had them following the electrical hookup to the inside. You can coat the line with vaseline to keep them from following it. Also, Terro ant baits are great to use--to noxious fumes or poison residue.
  2. MKEdmond

    Is your pup a "Gateway Drug"?

    We tent camped for 45~ years and only got a pop-up to get off the ground. We love to still feel like we are camping but not sleeping on the ground. My husband talks about getting a travel trailer, but I am mildly claustrophobic and don't want to sleep in a tin can!
  3. MKEdmond

    Trim Line awning case replacement ?

    Lasted one season, sort of. The ends started coming loose.
  4. MKEdmond

    Aliner 2003, need to change roof walls

    Be sure to take lots of pictures throughout the process so you will have a reference to rebuild!
  5. MKEdmond

    Aftermarket awning?

    What size is your awning?
  6. MKEdmond

    Motel Stay

    Always ask! Made two fairly long trips last summer with motel stays on the way home. One place that should have been easy was having remodeling done, so extra spaces were in use. Granted, we were not at places with limited vacancies, but did not have a problem finding a place to drop the pup...
  7. MKEdmond

    Beaver Lake Hideaway Campground

    We have stayed here frequently over the last 25 years. There have been lots of changes in the facility, but it is still a clean, nice campground. It is privately owned and wif-fi is not part of the package, but it is a nice place to stay and the management is accommodating.
  8. MKEdmond

    Marathon Motel & RV Park

    This was a nice campground. It is right on the highway and the area for pop-ups is wide open. You will also hear/wake up when the train goes past at night. By the 3rd night I was able to sleep through it. We only had other campers in our area a couple of nights and they were not close to us...
  9. MKEdmond

    Camping near Durango, CO

    It was a wonderful trip! Lightner Creek Campground is a great place. They actually adhere to their posted rules, making for a clean, quiet campground. This is the first place we ever camped where they came in and raked the sites to get ready for the next guests!
  10. MKEdmond

    Durango Recommendations?

    Just got back from a week at Lightner Creek Campground at Durango. Tent camped there many years ago and this time in our pup. Very well cared for campground, quiet, and reasonable. Would definitely go back!
  11. MKEdmond

    Tension shelf mod

    If you are not able to locate the bookends, you can use an extra set of shelf brackets.
  12. MKEdmond

    Camping near Durango, CO

    It's been several years, but we tent camped at Lightener Creek Campground and really enjoyed it. We have made reservations for a week in mid-August this year to stay with our pop-up. 2007 Palomino Yearling 2013 F150 Super Cab
  13. MKEdmond

    Marathon Motel & RV Park

    We are planning a trip to the Big Bend area in September, and have made reservations at the Monarch Motel & RV Park. Has anyone stayed there, or elsewhere in the area that you recommend? We will be there most of a week, so I am interested in having toilet and shower facilities.
  14. MKEdmond

    2003 Coleman Utah Trunk - Finished!!!

    What are "buggy bed bungee cords"