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    Curtain tie backs

    Hi! We purchased our n2u pup without the canvas installed. There were no tie backs in the curtain bag. I’m searching for measurements of a tie back (so I can sew some) and how they’re installed (I assume to the camper wall). A picture would be helpful if anyone has one, please.
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    Original Yakima roof track (re-seal?)

    I searched the Internet and YouTube…I sent an inquiry to Yakima (14-20 day response time😳)… Now I turn to you, who have already been so helpful! The new to us used 2003 Coleman Bayside Elite that we just purchased as new pop up campers has Yakima tracks (cross bars and bike racks) already...
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    No roof vent

    Wow, everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I love that there were many varied answers with the addition of technical ones and a funny one—I DID laugh aloud, J Starsky! So excellent! Very thankful for this forum and those that took the time!!!!!
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    No roof vent

    The popup we just bought (2003 Coleman Bayside Elite) has no roof vent at all. (Nor a/c) I don’t know what kind of weather/season we’ll be camping in specifically yet because we’re just starting the grand adventure as a family, but I imagine we won’t be camping in the blazing heat of summer as...
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    Hello from Indiana!

    New (used) pop up owners here! Just pulled home our first pop up today: 2003 Coleman Bayside Elite. Both my husband and I grew up tent camping but have a special needs wheelchair-bound son in the middle of our six sons! So we thought we’d see if a pop up would help us camp altogether more simply.

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