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    2010 Jayco Jay Series 1206 Model Roof height Mistery ?

    Hi all, seems that is no straight answer regarding the roof height on this model pup, I have read 104" form floor but what floor is level. I'm missing the tension cable on mine and was wondering the height to not only level it but get the cable. does anyone have this model that can tell me...
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    Removing Slideout

    No, I did not find anything, but I removed it was pretty easy, if you slide it out and threw the outside, get under it and you will see four boths on each side remove them and it comes loose, you can remove the rails where the canvas is atttache or remove the canvas. Is a two people job...
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    King Bed Slide Out Issues

    Hello everyone, I bought a 2010 Jayco Jay Series 1206 and the beds slide out fine, but when sliding back in the rails go all the way over the Dinette and one of the sides comes off.. Wife climbs in and has to lift the rail so I can completely go slide back in. If I remember my other popup I had...
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    Shower / Toilet Combination

    Hello, I am currently rebuilding my floor on my 2010 Jayco Jay Series 1206, one thing that I have and honestly will never use is the shower / Toilet Combo, I would like to remove the shower portion and just leave the Toilet cassette, my question becomes how do I detach the show portion from the...
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    Cassette toilet

    Hey I have been trying to see how I remove mine to replace the floor that rotted in that area, I'm sure is similar to all popus, can you share where is it screwed to ? I'm starting to remove all my cabintes tomorrow to redo floor on my 2010 Jayco Jay 1206 PUP... thanks in advance.
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    Howdy from South Florida

    Welcome from Miami Florida
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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    Hi, I have been reading numerous comments for the past 2 hours, I definitely agree with most of them, is a personal choice and what want to get out of your camping experience. I was a tent camper, and then decided to get a pup, never looked back afteter that day. Friends of mine had TT, so I...
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    Removing Slideout

    Hi, I can’t seem to find a you-tube on how to remove a slideout on a 2010 Jayco Jay 1206, I need to repair the subfloor under it and think by removing the slideout would make removing the rotted subfloor much easier. Please help I’m planning to to start this Saturday Thank you .
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    Floor Replacement Glass-Matt Sheathing

    I will take a look at them, see if I can find it locally, going to start taking out furniture tomorrow... Thanks... is the sub floor 1/2 inch ? or 5/8? I have 2010 Jayco Jay Series 1206 model... One question, it looks like my sub floor is resting on the metal frame, I do now want to drill on...
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    Floor Replacement Glass-Matt Sheathing

    HI all, I have to replace my rotted floor on my 2010 Jayco Jay Series 1206 and was wondering using Glass-Mat instead of Plywood, has anyone know if is a option to plywood ...
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    2010 Jayco 1006 Floor Replacement

    I know this is an old post but I have an identical pop up with slide out 2010 Jayco Jay Series 1206, how did you get around the Slide out ? did you have to remove it to get the plywood under ? and also did the ply wood go all the way to the storage box or is it a separate piece ? Also where did...
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    New Here

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    2010 Jayco Jay Series 1206

    Hi everyone new to this forum, i saw this popup a 2010 Jayco Jay Series 1206 has the dinette slide out and comes with the cassette shower/toilet (shoilet). Around the shower the floor is really bad looks like the previous owner would shower inside, the rest of the camper is pretty solid, no...
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    Shower / Toilet Removal

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I just purchased a 2010 Jayco 1206 model, the floor by the shower and toilet is gone and have to replace it. Can anyone give me some pictures or tell me how to remove the cassette shower/toilet ? Cabinets I'm going to assume is attached by L brackets and screws to...
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    Lift System For Coleman Natchez 1998

    I have come accross this one but seems like the model does not fit mine.... My Pop rises thorugh the back bumper... Not the front...
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    Lift System For Coleman Natchez 1998

    Yes, or the original one depending on the pricing...
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    Coleman Natchez 1998

    Write now I have the standard hand crank on the rear bumper, I would like to to find a 12 v electrical mechanism to lift the roof.....
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    Coleman Natchez 1998

    Lift system...
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    Coleman Natchez 1998

    Help I'm looking the the lift system for my 1998 Coleman Natchez .... I have seen the Carefree Of Colorado but it seems that is not the same mechanism... Thanks,
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    Lift System For Coleman Natchez 1998

    Does anyone have an idea where I can purchase a lift system for my " Coleman Natchez 1998 " ? I really would not like to use the drill to lift the roof, I have kronic back problems ( Two Surgery ) and would like to avoid third, need it to be as seemless as possible and is my wife and I and two...

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