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    AR Daisy State Park, November, 2012

    Thanks, TurnKey. Great review.
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    Buffalo Point Campground (Buffalo National River)

    We reserved B 10 for July.
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    Lake Catherine State Park?

    They were redoing the camp sites a few years ago. Beautiful park. Not a bad drive to Hot Springs.
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    Devil's Den

    It's beautful, #1. Lots of hiking, beautiful scenery. I would suggest splurging on the more expensive sites. The others are along the main road through the park. Sites in the W/E/S sites are largerher. Kidscan ride bikes.
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    Left over firewood....take it or leave it?

    Tradition dictates, ours anyway, fire wood left at vacated campsites is fair game. Leave what you don't use for the next camper.
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    So sick of rude loud people!

    I hate site savers.
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    Arkansas- Long Pool Recreation Area

    Take the time to hike Alum Cove trail and Pedestal Rock trails. They are unbelievably beautiful and within 30 minute drives from the campground.
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    Looking for info on Petit Jean SP

    Skeeter, the first trip we made was in over Thanksgiving break in 2013. We had reservations, but we didn't need them. It was cold. Sleet and snow. Hiking was great, though. We went back last October over a long school break weekend. It was jam packed, but we had reservations. We got in...
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    Arkansas- Long Pool Recreation Area

    Anyone been to Long Pool lately? We are planning a trip in July and would appreciate any updates.
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    Looking for info on Petit Jean SP

    It is a very popular park. It's better during the week than on weekends.
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    Are any of you Grey/Dark siders keeping the pup!

    Wish we could have kept it, but we traded it in. Money talks. Still miss it.
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    If the forecast calls for thunderstorms and rain (60% chance)...

    Main thing to worry about is flash flooding.
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    Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?

    You would be surprised at the number of those big RV owners who started in tents. Many of them are retired and now actually live in those things. Imagine just traveling from one campground to another. I have not met an RV owner who was not friendly. I am sure they are out there, along with...
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    Hi! From Colorado Mom and kids, solo pup camping this summer

    Congratulations, from another woman and kids camper. Our DH's don't travel with us, but we manage just fine. Have a blast.
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    Changing campers.NTU Rockwood premier 2516G. Need help on set up.

    We finally bit the bullet, for the reasons you give, and bought a box on wheels. A 24 ft. bunkhouse camper with no slides. Packing and unpacking, setting up and taking down, and most of all plenty of storage make this the camper for us. We loved our pup, but we love Gary too.
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    So confused!

    Would a weight distribution hitch help? I'm really clueless about the towing too.
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    Rude Campers!

    In my experience, private campgrounds usually have noisier campers and less on-site supervision. Confronting them, especially when they outnumber you and are drunk, does little good. Been there and done that. Try to avoid weekends, especially holiday weekends, and mark it up to a bad experience.
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    Left over firewood....take it or leave it?

    We leave it, unless it's lighter pine. Those may come with us all year. I love lighter pine.
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    Ft. Pickens. Pensacola Beach

    You can view the sites on

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