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    ABS cracks

    We used G-flex epoxy when we repaired our roof last fall and it has held up well so far.
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    Pine Lake State Park - IA

    We stayed at Pine Lake State Park last weekend (Apr 2016). This was the first trip we have been out this year (planned around when the parks would open their shower houses). I was surprised how many campers had rolled in by Friday evening. Not too many sites were reserved, but of course the...
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    Ft Stevens State Park, OR

    Thanks for sharing, sounds like a fun place...and a shipwreck? How cool!
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    South Dakota

    We are camping at Custer in early July and made reservations in January I think. I was surprised how many sites were already reserved. I think Custer had a 6 month reservation window, and some first come sites. Also in January we called about doing a trail ride (not in the park) and ended up...
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    Hankering for a new lens...which one?

    I got the f/4.0 with IS. It is beautiful...and more affordable...figured I didn't need f/2.8 since I am usually shooting outside and it seems pretty crisp even wide open.
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    Finally ... Getting a PUP once again.

    Welcome! Search the Mods (modifications) board and you should find info. on the upgrades you are wanting to make. I haven't seen much on adding exterior access doors, but I have seen the fridge fans and roof vents. There are lots of options and opinions on bike racks on one of the forums as...
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    Welcome! Where are you camping next weekend? Also FYI, there is a photography board, and I love to see people's photos (camping related or not!)
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    Corral Canyon NF CG

    Pretty awesome to have a place like that fairly close to home. Looks like you both enjoyed it, and were happy to have a heater along...brrr!
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    Manatee Springs S.P., FL

    Looks like you all had a great time! Thanks for sharing pictures, the spring looks great, and temps in the 70's sound good to me!
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    Booked our sites for big summer trip

    Congrats on the plans! Sounds like a fun trip, with shorter travel days and a few days to check out each park/area.
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    Hankering for a new lens...which one?

    Didn't know you could sort by focal trick! Of the totally random variety of shots last year, I had 800 at 75 and 300 at 28. Thanks for the input and the info. on the older version 70-200.
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    Hankering for a new lens...which one?

    I already splurged last year and upgraded from a Canon T1i to a 5DMarkIII, so budget for lens is less than $1000 and that is probably pushing it. I eventually want to do family photography as a part time professional, and I know the wide angle won't help me there. The telephotos in my price...
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    Hankering for a new lens...which one?

    I have been wanting a new lens, but keep waffling between a wide angle for landscapes or a telephoto for sports/wildlife. We have a trip tentatively planned for North Shore Lake Superior and I'm thinking I will splurge before then. But, I still can't decide! What do you all find yourselves...
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    New to portal and to pop ups from GA

    Welcome from Iowa. We just spend a week in Georgia camping at High Falls and Skidaway Island. You have a lot of beautiful places near you!
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    Intro to the Group - Hi There!

    Welcome! It sounds like you are hooked. Check out the forum with campground reviews by state. I have been reading them for warmer states =)
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    High Falls State Park

    We spent most of a day and 1 night at High Falls in December while on a road trip. Rate was $32/night plus a $5 park pass for a water/elec. site. We chose a site in the lake loop which has 1 bathhouse, about 15 sites (back in only I believe) and several yurts available to rent. Closer to the...
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    Skidaway Island State Park

    Jumpoff, we have family down there, so it was worth the trip, and we had clear roads all the way down (16 hrs) and back (20 hrs due to traffic). We were itching to take a trip with our new to us camper and thought we might as well make it a big one!
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    Skidaway Island State Park

    We stayed at Skidaway Island State Park in December 2015. We camped in Area 3, site 77 I believe. There was a small park right across the road from us and we could see the kids there while we sat at our site. The bathhouse nearest us was aging...still very clean, but we had no hot water for...
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    Just bought our first PUP - 1988 Starcraft Starmate

    Sounds like a good deal, with the interior and canvas being in good/decent shape! What do you plan on doing to the roof?
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    chadron state park

    Sounds really nice! Thank you for sharing. My daughter would love to stay somewhere that had horseback riding, we don't have that at parks around here.

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