1. MaggieBear

    Reattaching ceiling door track

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to or what to use to attached this door track back to the ceiling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. NerdyNovelist

    Painted/colored ceiling?

    My husband and dad are in the process of completing redoing the roof of our 1985 hand-me-down Columbia Sequoia. After removing everything waterlogged and ant infested, and completely rebuilding the sides. It's almost ready to finish the ceiling. We've contemplated wallpaper, but now I want to...
  3. Valerie Hall

    REPAIR QUESTION: Bracket Securing Door to Ceiling

    I have a 2007 Fleetwood Cheyenne that I adore. But recently the bracket that holds the door against the ceiling when stowed has broken away from the ceiling (above the doorway). It appears to have 2 rivets of some sort and a strip of dual sided tape as it's original installation method and I'm...
  4. W

    Will ceiling show roof leaks?

    I am in the market for a used pop-up and have been able to go look at a few over the last couple of weeks. Much of what I read and get for advice says to stay away from anything with a leaky roof. A couple of the pop-ups I have seen have what looks like "bubbling" or "ripples" on the ceiling...
  5. J

    roof and ceiling repair (aluminum shell, Styrofoam, then plywood)

    hi all, I found a soft spot in the ceiling, upon inspection, there was a lot of hidden damage and had to pull all the plywood down. there is just a couple of spots left that are paper thin because of the glue. I searched these forums, but still have some questions/clarifications I think...
  6. rt28001

    2005 Fleetwood Utah Ceiling replacement

    Good morning all. I have a bit of a challenge. Our popup has developed a leak in the ceiling near the dinette. Our camper has the metal roof rather than the ABS roof. There is a couple of pinholes that I thought I repaired in time, but NOOO! The ceiling is now starting to sag in one spot and...
  7. M

    Ceiling advice - Fleetwood Niagara 2006

    Hello! We purchased our first pop-up camper 2006 Fleetwood Niagara this past month. I have been doing some research in trying to understand what kind of roof the 2006 model has (Alumitite or Filon) but I still do not know how to determine what kind of roof our camper has. We have notice...
  8. M Flanders

    ceiling repair for 2007 fleetwood avalon camper

    I recently purchased a used 2007 Fleetwood Avalon camper and the previous owner cut some small pieces out of the ceiling to check for any mold issues. They had a small roof leak that was repaired but wanted to make sure that there was not any mold or water issues in the ceiling. The previous...
  9. S

    1976 Starcraft Starmaster 6 Weatherstrip trim and roof questions.

    As you all know I have recently became the owner of a Starmaster 6 pop up. After finding extensive rot to the side and end boards, I wanted to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again. The main start of the problem were the aluminum corners that started leaking. Once this happened...
  10. Steph_C

    Alumitite roof repair

    Alumitite disaster! We were going to tackle the roof ourselves but then because I suddenly found myself homeschooling 3 kiddos (thanks covid-19) . We ended up hiring someone we THOUGHT was reputable. He is actually an RV tech but apparently pop up campers are small potatoes for those guys. He...
  11. Amarada

    The "pip squeek" 801 Refurb

    Spent the whole week giving this little PUP some love. Took all cushions and mattresses out and washed covers, washed all curtains, washed outside vinyl and canvas, fixed outlets and outside ports. Tested the fridge on electric (it works!). Will test on propane when dh leak checks propane hoses...
  12. Regel

    Where to buy sheet of Laun bigger than 2x4??

    I've checked Lowe's, Home Depot and Sutherlands near me and the biggest piece they have is 2x4, not 4x8. There has to be bigger sheets available, correct? We need to redo our ceiling in our 83 Starcraft.
  13. Tackleberry

    Ceiling Repair Question

    Hey everyone, new here, my wife and I are still in our first popup, which we got 3 years ago. The thing has been nickle-and-diming us since we got it, so I'm doing some final repairs before selling it this spring/summer (hopefully). It's a 2000 Coleman Fairview, big dual-king monster with a...
  14. ABJohnson

    2001 Coleman Mesa ABS Ceiling Delamination

    I purchased a 2001 Coleman Mesa a year and a half ago. The previous owner had fixed a leaky roof, replaced some of the interior countertops, and coated the roof with some type of coating that seems to be holding up to the Mississippi sun and heat. My issue is that that a portion of the abs(?)...
  15. ScottinLA

    parallel wrinkles in ceiling

    Hi all- I'm looking to buy a newish highwall pup in Los Angeles metro area, and it's a real challenge. Not a lot of selection- everybody here wants a big-ass toy hauler or a $ix-figure class-A. My theoretical ideal is a Rockwood HW277, and as luck would have it I did find a couple within a...
  16. Syler

    1977 Starcraft Starmaster 8

    The roof on my 1977 Starmaster is sagging due to snow that I failed to clear off over the winter. I want to fix it by reinforcing the roof with wood cross beams. Here's a view of the 1" styrofoam being removed: (Styrofoam was glued to roof so this was a pain to remove.) IMG_0794 by Syler posted...
  17. Mike Koz

    2007 Sun Valley ceiling delamination

    Greetings, First time poster. I have an '07 Sun Valley with an alumitite roof and one piece aluminium side rails with integrated rack gutter. While cleaning the pup at the end of the season I noticed a couple of bulges and some wrinkling in the vinyl ceiling. The delamination is relatively...
  18. C

    Solution for crappy folding door

    I like our pop up camper, but I hate the door. A poor design overall in several aspects. It constantly falls down while traveling because it slips off the two small ceiling clips. It has occasionally torn the mattress below when it fell. It has also bent the hinged metal plate that attaches...
  19. X

    Need Advice on DIY for Ceiling Leak

    Hello all! This is my first post here - I'm hoping to get info that can point me to the right repair direction. My husband and I are first-time pop up camper owners. We have a 1979 Jayco Jayfinch 12' pop up. The inside center plastic piece that goes across the ceiling is leaking at either end...
  20. C

    Need Some Expert Advise

    Several years ago I bought a 1986 Coleman Savannah. I used it two or three times and then it was put into storage. I recently brought it back out and started fixing it up. The ceiling was starting to come down so I tore it down. The only thing life is the insulation. I was going to replace it...