1. J

    2006 Fleetwood Sun Valley - SOLD

    2006 Fleetwood Sun Valley in excellent condition with brand new tires (July 2022) and two new batteries. Has been used a total of 10-12 times. I bought it from original owner in 2010. Just camped with my adult children and they really don't want to do it anymore and don't want the camper, so it...
  2. G

    Newbie has a question

    Hi yall i just bought a 2001 Coleman fleetwood sea pine and only have one question. I see some wires that supposed to connect somewhere or on something and can’t find the answer anywhere. Wires are color orange and black. One set is under the sink in the cabinet on the floor. Other one is...
  3. W

    Power Lift 2007 Fleetwood west lake

    I am trying to convert form a manual lift to a power lift on a 2007 Fleetwood West lake. I was able to get the current limiter, lift motor, Power Lift Coupler 6 inch, Powerlift Motor Mount. Using the the instructiond found at...
  4. Valerie Hall

    REPAIR QUESTION: Bracket Securing Door to Ceiling

    I have a 2007 Fleetwood Cheyenne that I adore. But recently the bracket that holds the door against the ceiling when stowed has broken away from the ceiling (above the doorway). It appears to have 2 rivets of some sort and a strip of dual sided tape as it's original installation method and I'm...
  5. M

    2006 Fleetwood Niagara - Weird DC Issue

    Hi all - Our family picked up a 2006 Fleetwood Niagara last year - our first pop-up - and we love it. Except - the DC power doesn't always work. It was spotty, and I changed out the converter/power center. That helped some. But - when there is weight on the rear bunk (like two sleeping...
  6. PuPOwner

    Looking for reputable PuP Repairs near Waldorf, MD

    I purchased a used 2002 Coleman Fleetwood (Utah) several years ago, and lent it to a family member who (sadly) never took care of it, and now it has significant weather damage to the storage box (plastic has large hole, and is brittle/breaks easily), as well as a loose back body panel and nearly...
  7. J

    1994 Coleman Fleetwood in Columbus, Ohio

    Hello! This is my second pop-up. Had the first one since I was a kid (1986 Coleman Sequoia)and it was stolen from our driveway last summer. The night before a planned family weekend. Broke my freakin heart. The husband and I gutted and rebuilt most of it inside the year before to take the...
  8. M

    New to camper world and having battery issues

    Hello Everyone, I bought my first pop up recently and having some issues with the power system. I have a 2004 fleetwood Monterey. Our batteries die extremely fast. We bought brand new batteries bc our others worked for a while and suddenly wouldn’t charge. The first time using our new batteries...
  9. Fem5e5

    Help! Need 2006 Fleetwood Americana (Williamsburg) cable cut length

    I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to find the cable cut length for an 06 Fleetwood Americana (Willamsburg). We have the lift system repair manual and a cut chart but there isn’t a listing for any of the Americana series on it at all that I can find. Any advice? Anyone know where I can find...
  10. Fem5e5

    Fleetwood door holding water

    Hello, We have a 2006 Fleetwood Americana Williamsburg that we gave a good wash to. It has aired out and dried but when we went to put the door away we realized it was full of water and it was leaking out both ends. Anyone have this happen? Any fixes, tips, suggestions to keep it from happening...
  11. Mhowdy

    Electrical Issue

    I have a 2002 Fleetwood Tacoma PUP. I have noticed lately that after about a day or so of dry camping my battery is almost dead. I hardly use my lights (replaced with all LED inside) and ran a button to the carbon monoxide detector to shut it off when its not in use. Any ideas where I should...
  12. BlairewiththePUP

    Hardside conversion???

    Does anyone know how to go about putting hard sides on an originally canvas-sided pop-up? I have a 1995 Coleman Fleetwood Rio Grande. You may have seen a previous post, me looking for a canvas: https://www.popupportal.com/threads/help-me-find-a-canvas.135167/#post-1410872 I don't think that...
  13. A

    '06 Fleetwood Niagra vs '16 Forest River Flagstaff

    First Time Poster! We are looking at buying our first ever pup! We are excited to enter this world of camping as a family of 5 (kids @ 11yrs, 9yrs, & 6yrs). We've identified 2 campers we really like, but we are having a hard time figuring out which one is the better pup. 1) 2016 Forest River...
  14. J

    Broken Pawl spring

    Hello I have a broken pawl spring on my 2003 colman mesa. Anyone know where to find one in Canada?
  15. thelogan5

    Bed Liner or Tropi-Cool?

    Hey folks! We are rebuilding a 2004 Fleetwood Sequoia (aluminum roof) and debating whether to use Tropi-Cool or Raptor bed liner. Any recommendations as to which is better and why?
  16. S

    How hot is the back of your fridge?

    Hello everyone, I’m the proud owner of a fleetwood Niagara. We have owned it since February 2020 and loved everything about it except the fridge. The original fridge never got below 50 degrees. I ordered a Norcold 3 way fridge and installed it at the end of last season. I’m concerned that...
  17. A

    Coleman/Fleetwood Taos Access Lock

    I just picked up a 2001 Taos and the access lock is broken. It can be operated using a screwdriver but I would like to replace it if possible. The Taos seems to be different than other pop up models in that the access lock is located in a body panel, not the flip down door. Question is, do I...
  18. Elaine L

    Finally Moved Beyond the Tent

    In May of 2020, I finally got away from sleeping on the cold, hard ground in a tent. I bought a 2008 Fleetwood Highlander Niagara. All folded up, it fits in my driveway and I can still park my truck behind it without hanging out into the street. Opened up, it's HUGE inside. It has everything I...
  19. B

    Fleetwood Sequoia (maybe Niagara?) Interior Parts

    This is my first post but I've been lurking here for quite sometime - THANK YOU to all that helped me with ideas!! I hope to someday repay you with a post about my work... I have most of the interior of a 2006 Fleetwood Sequoia available for give away after a remodel. I've had the trailer...
  20. Lancerbomb08

    Newbie from Colorado

    Hey guys! Thought I would hop on here and say hi to everyone. My wife and I just picked up a pop up yesterday. My wife has had enough tent camping and my kids were tired of it as well. Lol. It is a 1996 Coleman Fleetwood Sun Valley. All in all, it’s in good shape. It is water tight, no water...