1. Lross3

    Looking for 2010 Coleman Niagara user manual

    Does anyone have the user manual for 2010 coleman Niagara high wall?
  2. K

    [For sale] 2018 Coachmen Clipper 860qs popup

    SOLD 11/2021 Its on TV trader too, but: Coachmen Clipper Sport 2018 (860qs) 2nd owner, great shape. Sleeps 2 on short queen & 1 on goucho. Great starter pop-up. Zamp wired (never used) 3-fridge, furnace, A/C, water pump, 2-burner propane stove, stowable table, massive storage under entire...
  3. Mhowdy

    Corner Repairs

    Hi My 2002 Coleman Fleetwood Tacoma PUP is starting to wear in the corners of the front and back. What are some suggestions on repairing them? I was thinking about using Bondo on it, but not sure if it will cause more issues.
  4. T

    First PUP, Metal to metal contact on winch cable with trailer? Please see pictures. Thank you!

    Ok, so this is my first pup, first camper ever, and first post on this forum. I just purchased a 2008 Starcraft and the winch was bad, missing parts, I installed another factory OEM winch: https://www.hannarv.com/P/21595/GoshenStampingRightHandDLB1200APopUpTentCamperLiftSystemWinch There is a...
  5. S

    Wheel locks or hitch locks?

    Getting a new PuP in April. Total beginner. Do/can I get wheel locks or trailer hitch locks or something so people can't steal it out camping or storage? Is it worth the cost or is it pretty uncommon/difficult to do? I'm thinking more out in the backcountry or Nat'l Forest where people may...
  6. C

    For Sale - 2020 Coachman Clipper 108ST

    For sale by owner. Almost brand new, lightly used! We have clean title in hand. Light weight, we successfully pulled with our minivan. Sleeps 6-7. $10,000. Located in St. Peters. Camper has 2 queen beds (heat plug in included), couch that pulls out to be a twin bed, dinette (becomes...
  7. TheCamFam

    New Member(s) Here from Mandeville, Louisiana!

    Hello, Just joined the site since my wife and I, along with our two girls are getting ready to make the switch from being tent campers to Pop-Up People. I’ve been (tent) camping all my life, went through Boy Scouts and eventually earned Eagle Scout. My wife started “Glamping” when I took her...
  8. M

    Safety Supports for the Roof of my PUP

    Hi - we just recently upgraded from tent camping to a PUP. We found a decent 2001 Coleman Bayside on FB and our first trip was a blast. I purchased on a Friday and drove to Tennessee on Saturday before Thanksgiving. I am comfortable towing trailers as I have had boats my entire life. The trailer...
  9. Fshrmon

    A look to the future.

    Greetings. I hope to instill wanderlust into my children, that deep down yearning for adventure that just can't be ignored or shaken. It's that consistent nagging on the psyche to witness and explore. Tonight, during dinner the family sat down and we all started day dreaming about where we all...
  10. Artist60164

    Just toooo cute not to post.

  11. SybleEllen


    Hi Everyone! I was interested to hear which brand of PUPs is the best brand. Coleman is pretty standard but the ABS roof is extremely intimidating. I also read on another thread that Coleman PUPs are not made anymore? and all parts have been bought by one individual who sells them at high...
  12. FlyboyTR

    For Sale: 2012 Palomino Banshee B-SV1 Off-Road PUP Camper

    Selling Our Banshee Off-Road Camper. We are changing our style of camping (going to the dark-side!) :) and need to sell our 2012 Palomino Banshee B-SV1 pop up camper. This is a tough and rugged off-road camper for the real adventurous person...plus it is also family friendly at your local...
  13. JeeperTim

    We Bought a New To Us Pup!

    We Bought a new pop up! Well it's an 89 Skamper 210X. It's a 10 foot box, 20 foot fully extended. I've had to do some small repairs so far and am going to slowly bring her into the modern age. I had bought a Windsor a few years ago cheaply on impulse with plans to completely restore it but I...
  14. T

    Noob here- PUP instead of storage shed?

    Hey folks, I have been looking into an RV/Pup as part of a longer term plan to live off grid, at least occasionally. Right now though, I'm in an apartment with absolutely no closets and I have a small amount of items I need storage for. I've been looking into buying a Rubbermaid shed that I can...
  15. John R.

    Looking for a PUP

    Hello my name is John. I draw disability and am looking for a cheap used fixer upper pop up camper. How would I go about finding one. I live in the south east portion of Tennessee. Any ideas or advice would be helpful. Thanks. I seen that it is cost efficient once I have a camper to live a...
  16. M

    Recommended Wattage

    I am looking to purchase a TV, microwave and toaster for my newly acquired 2001 Jayco Popup. What is the max wattage for said items? Don't want to blow a circuit. Thanks.