1. Greg H

    Wanted: Dometic RM2193 Fridge in S. Ontario

    If anyone in Southern Ontario is swapping out their fully functional Dometic RM2193 3-way fridge for an electric fridge (or whatever else), I‘d be interested in purchasing it. Mine unfortunately started leaking coolant. Current view at Killbear Park for attention:
  2. J

    Dometic Fridge dead....trying to replace with a dorm type with propane

    HELLO ALL....We have a 2007 Coleman Niagara which has given us NO problems until the last week or so. Most important right now is the refrigerator....The circuit board is bad per an electrician friend who did a diagnostic on it. We do not want to invest $1200-1500 on a new Domatic 3 way fridge...
  3. fronsm

    Newer pop up with refrigerator

    I have a 1996 Viking with just an icebox. My daughter has a 1998 Rockwood with a refrigerator, a three-way. I am thinking of updating to a newer pop-up, 2010 or newer. Are the refrigerators in the newer pop-ups any better? I am not impressed with hers. It has been in the '80s and she is using...
  4. BikerGeek

    Replacing the heating element in my dometic fridge.

    Ordered the RM2193 heating element. I found a video on replacing it on Youtube however I'm a little paranoid. Is there any special way to take apart the "boiler" cylinder so you can remove the element. I've seen videos of larger ones that have a cut out for removing them however this one...
  5. BikerGeek

    Refrigerator not working on AC Power and other oddities

    2002 Coleman Yuma. I'm not sure if the fridge ever worked on AC power as I hadn't tested it until now. I do know it functions on propane without issue. It is getting power from the outlet as I tested it. I even plugged it directly into the house outlet and it still doesn't function. I...
  6. BikerGeek

    RM2193 Fridge Power Consumption

    Just curious. I connected my shore power to a Bluetti 500 watt solar generator and turned the fridge to AC. According to it, it's pulling about 120 watts. Is that correct or could there be an issue with it? I'm not sure if the previous owner ever used it and it's a 2002 Coleman Yuma.
  7. sseebart

    Options for a replacement 3-way fridge

    I have a 1997 Coleman Westlake Pop-up. We're planning on a couple of longish trips this year (after not being able to travel at all in 2020) and are upgrading/repairing the camper before we head out. First on my list is the old 3-way fridge, which has never worked for us in any mode. (A search...
  8. Grace L.

    New owner of OLD 1989 Skamper Pop-up

    Hello! My name is Grace, and I'm posting from Meridian, Idaho. I owned a pop-up trailer many years ago when my children were young, but that was a long time ago. Time to make some adventures with grandchildren. I was happy to find this forum online. I bought an old pop-up trailer with hopes of...
  9. Peter R.

    Dometic RM2354 Troubleshooting

    Hello, We have a new-to-us 2014 Forest River Flagstaff HW27. It came with a Dometic 3-way fridge, model RM2354. When we got it, turning it on would click the igniter, even when plugged into shore power, but it wouldn't light and all of the lights on the front would flash in unison repeatedly. I...
  10. Marv Hanson

    2000 starcraft venture 4sale or parts

    I have 2000 starcraft venture needs top. 4sale as is or parting out. Refrigerator, furnace, stove, good canvas, have all cushions and mattresses good condition, no tears/stains. Clear title.$400 for canvas + shipping or buy unit as is for $600. I live in princeton, mn
  11. T

    93 Starcraft Refrigerator Questions

    Hello, I just purchased my first pop up camper. It is a 1993 Starcraft Galaxy 1224. When opening the side panel to the refrigerator controls, I see there is a 12 volt on/off switch and what looks like controls for using the fridge via propane. The challenge is that I had the camper plugged...
  12. S

    Refrigerator doesn't work?

    I just bought a 1996 jayco udk used but the refrigerator isn't running. There isn't anywhere inside or on the front to switch it on and after several hours of the power being plugged in it isn't turning on. Does it run off gas? Am i missing something?
  13. stromt

    Refrigerator replacement?

    I have a 2006 Coleman pop up with a 3.2 cubic ft 3 way fridge. We had a rat get into the camper over winter and chewed through almost all the wiring on the refrigerator. I tried rewiring it but it's still not working, my be a short somewhere or missed a chewed wire. Any way, I really don't want...
  14. A.W.

    Selling my lift-up kitchen area, maybe furnace and fridge

    Hi, I have a 1996 Coleman Key West pop-up that's in excellent condition. I want to remove the entire top portion of my kitchen area (gas stove, countertop, sink, water pump and faucet, large cabinet area and drawer). It's all in excellent condition and works perfectly. I'm only considering...
  15. Homeless

    Can someone help with these questions?

    I just "accidentally" bought a used Pop up Coleman Mesa 1999. A couple of issues I am chasing are below It has a three way power refrigerator That I just started looking at last night. I can get the pilot light to start but it never got hot enough to do anything. I tried the 12 V but this...
  16. davekro

    Frig burner cleaning & heater trouble shooting

    We had our new to us '99 Pup out last weekend. I got the frig (Dometic smallest model # is something like RM-2123, I'm not at home) to work by shooting compressed air around burner tube area. But I don't think it is working even to the low 3 way frig standard. The flame went out once. When...
  17. Evan Gaffney

    Thoughts on 12v Fridges

    I know that dorm fridges are WAY cheaper, but I don't always camp where there's hookups, and one of those on an inverter would kill your battery awfully fast. Some of these 12v, compressor-style fridges seem like they're efficient enough that you could run on a battery as long as you had...
  18. B

    3 Way Refrigerator not working

    I have a 2011 Palmero pop up and the 3-way refrigerator that is no longer working, I have tried to use it with propane, electric & battery but nothing is working. I also checked the fuses & the fuse box and made sure the unit was level. I am not sure what I am missing nor why it would have...
  19. I

    Running fridge on Gas

    I have a 2017 Rockwood Freedom 2318G tent camper and I'm going to a site for the first time that does not have power. It's going to be cool so I want to be able to run my Dometic fridge on gas as well as the furnace. How do I make sure that both are being powered by my LP gas system and not...
  20. MyName

    Refrigerator not very cold. Tips to increase efficiency.

    I went camping with highs of 97 F degree and low of 70 F weather and my fridge was not very cold. I used a Fridge Thermometer to record my temperature. It ranged from 54-61 F in the day and down to 47 F in the night. I tried both gas and AC. I did not use DC because of the drain it would...