1. C

    New to us 1994 Pop Up

    My fiancé and I acquired a 1994 Starcraft Starflyer. We aren’t new to camping but definitely new to Pop-ups. Any tips tricks or must do’s for our remodel would be awesome!
  2. RisaAdventures

    1994 Coleman renovation

    Well I bought a 1994 Coleman destiny. I had never towed, owned a trailer let alone camp in one alone. I’ve been dreaming of one day being able to have a trailer and was just so happy to have my own. I’m single and while I had help i did a significant amount myself. I changed a lot of stuff but...
  3. Lancerbomb08

    1996 Coleman Sun Valley Renovation

    Hi guys! We are excited to start our renovation project of our ‘96 Coleman! The plan is to essentially tear everything completely out so I can better rip up the linoleum and go back in with vinyl wood floors before rebuilding our new floor plan. Here are some initial pictures with cabinets...
  4. D

    2003 Bonaire Renovation Video

    Here are the highlights of our pop up tent trailer renovation. A month of hardwork during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and voila! Project was done on a tight budget. Supplies acquired at: Ikea, Home Depot and Amazon. Canvas redone at Unicanvas in Quebec.
  5. bmidkiff87

    ‘99 Santee Shape-up

    I just wanted to post a few pics of the PUP my wife and I were gifted. It’ll be a job but that’s part of the experience....right?!?! Mice pretty much destroyed it, so I’ve been busy cleaning up the inside. (With respiration protection) Id love to remove the canvas and store/get rid of until I...
  6. H

    Hey, I’m the proud new owner of a “clean” 1977 Starcraft Galaxy 6.

    My first post ever! Anyone put a metal bracket to support the corners for the lift? Top still goes up straight but three of the four legs at through the floor resting on the frame. I have the interior out and was getting ready to put flooring in. I really wanna replace the entire floor so it’s...
  7. akriot

    Poco a poco

    Its been a bit. We did make some progress on the pup. Seems like we have lots to go yet. Got the lights squared away...Mike finished the rewire. I replaced the tent cleats and we added an aluminum box to the tongue for lug wrench, leveling blocks and wheel chocks, etc. I have all the supplies...
  8. A

    Dying Cushions

    Hey there, I am wondering if anyone has successfully dyed their camper cushions? Mine are in good shape but the normal ugly fabric. I guess I am feeling lazy and unsure about whether I wanna put the time and money into covering them myself. I was thinking about trying a darker color of RIT...
  9. TheArtifactory

    Just joined.

    Hi! I’m new to pop-up ownership. Just bought and remodeled a 1997 Rockwood Freedom 1620. Haven’t even had a chance to use it yet! If you’re interested in watching the video of the renovation, it’s here: . I’d definitely be interested in feedback, and other people’s experience with remodeling...
  10. akriot

    Getting closer

    Finally had the opportunity to check a few things off the list over the past 2 weeks! The TravLite is starting to come to life. :) Removed all of the broken rope cleats and levels, repacked the wheel bearings, bought a new spare tire and rim, painted the box, painted the rim to match, got the...
  11. Mark Pierro

    Fridge-keep or ditch!

    In the process of remodeling a 99 starcraft. Should I ditch the fridge or keep. I’m leaning toward ditch for storage. Pros vs cons. Thanks in advance.
  12. M


    We have a gutted soft sided '68 Apache Ramada. We are in the process of redoing, and considering the age and the fact is was at a hunt camp, it's in pretty great shape.We would love to go back with the original styled cabinets but I'm having no luck finding anything. Looking for any input you...
  13. T

    Covering Vent Opening

    We recently purchased a new to us 1993 Coleman/Fleetwood Seneca. We are redoing the complete interior, with plans to work on the exterior in the fall. We decided we weren't comfortable with the old propane furnace for heat (we will get an electric heater instead) and removed it for extra...
  14. 1

    Excited Owner

    I am so happy to say I am a new owner of my very first camper and it is a 93 Fleetwood Coleman Destiny Series. I am from Alabama and love spending time in nature, so this is the perfect way for me to really begin enjoying my free summers. This camper is a gift from a very dear friend and I have...
  15. R

    New from Southern Utah

    hekko all, been lurking for awhile and getting excited about the day I could own my first pop up camper for myself and family. Today we made a deal on a 2000 Coleman fleetwood westlake. Paid $1500 for it. It needs some New exterior paint (previous owners did some very artistic brush work because...
  16. WeLoveCamping

    Want to Add a porta-potti to Coleman GT Mesa

    Our particular PUP did come with a bathroom/shower. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of how to add one?
  17. Bebe

    Remodel or Make over of 1984 Starcraft Starmaster21

    I purchased this with the understanding I wanted an interior project, something fun to do. I wanted something more vintage but in good shape. I had been looking off and on for over a year when my daughter came across this one so since it was close I rushed out to see it. I enlisted the help of...
  18. J

    Roof side panel removal help

    I have a 2002 aero we just bought. The side panel where the roof latch is on the rear is rotted. Started the removal process today. I have cut all the old caulk, removed the awning and seal where roof and side panel meet. Then on the inside I have removed the screws from the under side of the...
  19. P

    Crazy remodel on a 1982 Palomino Colt

    I recently purchased a 1982 Palomino Colt. The PO had already took out the kitchen due to water damage. He also removed the electric converter and water tank. At this time it sits in pieces. My goal is to turn it primitive as I know nothing about electrical or pretty much anything else. My...
  20. Attom

    1982 (?) Rockwood 1760

    We recently bought our first PUP. It's an early 80's Rockwood 1760, not sure of the exact year. The camper is in pretty good shape. No leaks, canvas is in good shape other than a tear from someone folding the tent down in the wrong order. The frame is under built and seems to have sagged a...