1. Greg H

    Wanted: Dometic RM2193 Fridge in S. Ontario

    If anyone in Southern Ontario is swapping out their fully functional Dometic RM2193 3-way fridge for an electric fridge (or whatever else), I‘d be interested in purchasing it. Mine unfortunately started leaking coolant. Current view at Killbear Park for attention:
  2. BikerGeek

    RM2193 Fridge Power Consumption

    Just curious. I connected my shore power to a Bluetti 500 watt solar generator and turned the fridge to AC. According to it, it's pulling about 120 watts. Is that correct or could there be an issue with it? I'm not sure if the previous owner ever used it and it's a 2002 Coleman Yuma.
  3. K

    Dometic RM2193 refrig wiring question

    I have a dometic RM2193 refrig that does not work on 120v. I think the problem might be with one of the wires that came loose under the control panel, however, I want to be sure that I have the correct wires going to the correct prongs. If anyone has this type of fridge, can you tell me what...