1. S

    Hello from Pennsylvania...

    Hello. My wife and I have been looking at getting a pop up camper for a while. Reading articles, watching videos, browsing dealer sites, etc. We've finally decided to take the leap and buy a pop up camper. New or Used depending on cost and features. I'm here to learn and hopefully make some...
  2. SammieJo

    Introduction and 1st Time PU Owner

    Hello to everyone! We're the Hall family; Landon and Samantha, were from Gainesville, Florida[SUN] right in the heart of the "swamp".GO GATORS. My husband and I were recently gifted a (very) gently used 2007 Coleman fleetwood SantaFe popup [PU] from his brother. (How gracious) we always...
  3. wusthof

    Welcome/step light bulb replacement

    Hey guys , just a quick question. The amber welcome light on the outside.... Does the amber lens just "pop off" with a screwdriver? I bought an led to replace the incandescent. Thx much guys

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