1981 Valley Forge Lite Stabilizer Handle

Dec 11, 2021
Salem, OR
Does anyone know if there is a direct replacement part for 4733B5951 or it might be 4733-5951 - Stabilizer Handle? I bought a 12 inch bar that is 1/2" but it appears to be too big. I'm just wondering if anyone might actually know the appropriate size for the 4720A0731 / 4714-0261 stabilizers.

2022-02-17 13_54_35-Window.png

Dec 11, 2021
Salem, OR
Derek from Coleman Pop Up had one and hooked me up. I also was able to find another on eBay after I reached out to canvasreplacements. I will take some photos of both when they arrive as they are both different but I expect they will both work.


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Sep 2, 2019
Ontario, Canada
A lot of people just replace those swing down stabilizers with crank down ones..
We had one of those style jacks break on our 80s starcraft when I was around 11 or 12. I still recall going to the junkyard with my dad. We got 4 car jacks out of the trunks of wrecked cars and we welded them to the frame corners. Was a great economical solution.


Dec 15, 2021
No, mine is different. I haven't seen one like yours before. I still wish I didn't have to lay on my back four times to set them, and then raise them. Probably go with the stand stabilizer when I can.