1991 coleman shenandoah oregon


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Jul 9, 2022
Hello. We bought this last year. Of course seller found 2 suckers and this poor thing needs much work!

I have done what I can, lipstick on a pig so to speak on the interior.

Furnace does not nor does the water system.

I think I've got the furnace issue, soil switch.

Sink is a manual 2 way pump and neither i or my husband have a clue how this is suppose to work.

any kind of video, ophotos, manual on this old faucet?

Thanks Teresa


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May 31, 2018
I never had one, but in one position it alowes water in from the city water conection, in the other you pump it to get water from your storage jug under the counter. It needs to have the hose in the jug and water in it.
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Nov 28, 2014
Central Oregon
Welcome from Central Oregon!

For your furnace, somewhere on here is a collection of manuals. Maybe one that covers your stuff that may assist. YouTube has a bit of good stuff on furnaces and RV stuff overall IMO. I don’t recall the the exact name, but there’s a guy on there called the The “Coleman Repair Guy“ or similar, that people on here have referenced before.

As for the faucet, it’s basically a hand pump. Cycling the handle back and forth pumps water from the tank. It takes a bit of pumping to get water the first time. Leaving the handle in one position holds prime and the other allows water to run back to the tank. They can fail, especially if unused for a long long time.

Good luck.