1993 Coleman Cedar rebuild project


May 26, 2021
I know it’s been a while, work has unfortunately been terribly crazy, and I’ve been nursing an mcl injury back to health, but.. I got some more progress on the PUP!

Where we last left off, I was trying to figure out what to do regarding the outer skin of the top. I debated fiberglass, new aluminum sheathing , reusing the old sheathing, or something else.

Well, while on a camping trip, I ran into a guy, and while we were talking, he introduced me to the idea of PMF; poor man’s fiberglass. I was a little apprehensive initially, but after doing much research, it turns out that canvas and glue is a traditional way that ships were created. We had our winner for the solution!!

I went to the store, picked up 3 gallons of Titebond III glue, a 12”x15” drop canvas, and a few other odds and ends, paint tray kit, scrapers, silicone, etc.

We started off by laying out the canvas on top of the camper and making sure it would fit. IMG_5965.jpeg

Afterwords we cut off some of the excess, while still leaving approximately 6-8 inches passed the edge of the sides. IMG_5966.jpeg

We applied a layer of the glue, pouring it very liberally across the camper, then applied the canvas. We folded over the half that was glued with the half was not and glued the second half down as well. Afterwards, we poured a liberal amount of glue and used plastic scrapers to spread it evenly. Note that we did not glue the sides yet at this point. We did one half of the camper, making sure to remove all wrinkles before preceding to the other half. IMG_5970.jpeg

We then cut out the section for the fan and glued that down as well. IMG_5971.jpeg

We glued the sides and followed the same steps. When we cut the corners, we folded the flaps over each other. Unfortunately there was an accident with one of the the corners, and we ripped the canvas but we used the excess we cut off to patch it underneath. I didn’t take pictures of this, but I can tomorrow.

This is after two coats were applied and cured. You can see the sides smooth as well, and the corner with the patch underneath the front right corner of the top (left side of the image). We were starting ti feel confident about this process at this point. 71339616819__A44CBB00-36B1-4635-AD7D-00E935BCB238.jpeg

We followed up by cutting the excess of the canvas off and glueing it underneath the wood of the top. The aluminum trim pieces that have the seal on them sit over this part so I’m not too worried about water. It will be siliconed and sealed with the roof coating I already purchased. IMG_5989.jpeg

We also tackled the door. There was any damage in the wood of the door, but we used my buddy’s parts camper’s door and it happened to fix perfectly. IMG_5990.jpeg

I’ll take some more pictures tomorrow as we continue on with this project. We’re making a big push to finish it up and get out there camping before the season is over. Stay tuned for more!!


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May 26, 2021
Here’s the next phase of the project.

I finally got the cabinets installed. The table is a touch too big, and I had to remove one of the brackets for the top cabinet but all in all, it fits up pretty well. I will address the table after my camping trip next week. Here’s some shots of the interior all together minus the cushions.

I know I didn’t paint the back of the cabinet. I will during the winter along with touch ups and a few other side projects.




I went through and applied the Rustoleum Elastomeric roof coating on the PMF. First coat was spotty.


After 24 hours, we installed the bottom aluminum trim/seal and I applied the second coat. At this point the camper top was officially mounted to the lift arms. We had to remove it and lay it upside down across 3 tables to get the trim in. Big pain but the top feels absolutely solid!

While we were waiting for the 2nd coat to dry, we got into the interior. We installed the brackets that hold the canvas, the door tracks, the canvas, and one of the lights. We tested the converter which was successful!



I didn’t take any photos of the new tire installation but she’s sitting on new rubbers as well! While I was there, I cleaned and repacked the wheel bearings.

After all of that, we went through and applied a 3rd coat of the Elastomeric.

It’s so close to finally being able to be enjoyed, and this as been a long project, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. More to be posted soon!


May 26, 2021
In this update we went through and final installed the fan and the corner pieces. We used RV silicone around the edges along with butyl tape.



Here’s a shot of the fan and the light on the front side of the camper installed.


After that was all done, we drilled the holes for the top part of the latches, installed them, and coated them with the roof coating.


The next day I went through and painted the sides. They got 3 coats, but the last coat is currently still drying as I type this out.



I was waiting for the paint to dry, and while doing so, I designed a vinyl graphic for the inside of the door. I still have paint left over, so I think I’m going to reprint the graphic on the cricket, paint the door, and reapply the graphic, but this is the idea I had.


It’s really coming together at this point. It’s been a lot of work, but I can’t wait to make memories that last a lifetime with this old PUP. Thanks for following along so far and for the input from everyone! More to come soon!


May 26, 2021
I went and did some finishing touches work on the camper. The canvas attaches to the door via Velcro strips on the inside of the door so I riveted them in place.



The button clasp was reinserted for transportation purposes.


After that, I had a very impromptu trip I planned with my daughter to the Grand Canyon. We flew out for 4 days of camping in Grand Canyon Village, the primitive way. Absolutely amazing trip, and I highly recommend going there to everyone.


While I was in Arizona, my buddy dropped my PUP off at my house in order to be packed out for the first time!


The day after we flew back in from Arizona, we packed out all of our camping gear into the PUP and got a good nights rest and just over 24 hours after flying home we hooked up our PUP and headed out to her maiden camping trip!!!


While at camp, I installed both side vinyl decals we printed on the cricket along with the remake of the door vinyl decal. I opted to put the door decal inside the screen door, because it fits the idea of putting stickers form every campground we stay at.

IMG_6582.jpeg IMG_6569.jpeg

This PUP isn’t complete yet, but the finishing details will be added over the years as it’s loved and used. I’m so glad we got to bring this little Destiny Cedar back from the dead and into the woods where it belongs. Thanks for following along, and sporadically I will post updates to this thread!



Jan 23, 2015
Bozeman, MT
Rusty, perhaps I missed it in your thread, but did you fabricate the roof corner caps yourself or are they original? I'm hemming and hawing over whether I should try to lay up new ones with fiberglass or something else.


May 26, 2021
Those suckers are the original ones.
Rusty, perhaps I missed it in your thread, but did you fabricate the roof corner caps yourself or are they original? I'm hemming and hawing over whether I should try to lay up new ones with fiberglass or something else.