2 batteries vs. 1


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Jan 1, 2022
Chico, CA
This always comes up and it comes down to personal preference. When I pull my Lance, my fridge is running on propane. When I had my ‘95 Jayco, I did not run my fridge on propane because I always worried the exhaust/intake vents being blocked by the canvas. If not for that I would have run that one too.

Patrick w

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Aug 13, 2021
If you can get by with one, certainly 50lbs saved is 50 lbs. You could try and maintain one on a battery tender, but your results may vary.


Mar 18, 2021
Everyone has been so helpful with their thoughts that it seems like my biggest concern is still just the potential of uneven wear on the batteries. We don't use the battery for too much and were on Shore Power 99% of our trips. We don't even run the fridge while in transit- I know the camper uses a bit of juice while just sitting in the garage though. Hopefully if I switch the batteries out every trip, they will still be ok. We have a long weekend trip coming up then a 2 week trip a few weeks after that. I've had one battery in there for a couple weeks to pop it up to de-winterize and repack supplies. When we get back from the 1st trip, I'll swap them and keep the 2nd batter on a tender.

I used to run two group 31s and solar to power a small compressor fridge and my Fantastic Fan (our teardrop trailer). Maybe the 12v electric blanket if the temps got below freezing.

But for the Aliner, I swapped the converter out right away, added a single 100 ah LiFePo4 battery with 200w solar, and am enjoying the stress-free life it provides. The battery is quite capable of running the 3-way fridge on 12v all day while I tow. And it's more than capable of powering the fans while we boondock and have the fridge on a propane diet.
And at something like 33 pounds, I can jockey the tongue around without dropping a nut.

Twice the power and half the weight of just a single group 31.
Last year I got a 200Ah LiFePo for my 200w solar to feed. I was previously using two Duracell 6v in series rated at a total of 210Ah. Lead/acid is not only heavy but only 50% usable capacity and slow charging due to high internal resistance. The choice was made and the budget set the year prior. All I can say is it is one of the best, most practical upgrades I have done considering we dry camp 90% of the time.


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Oct 6, 2013
The answer depends on your camping lifestyle. If you boondock a lot (especially for extended periods), you may need the 2nd battery. If you are camping with Shore Power, one battery will be more than enough.