2005 Fleetwood Niagara Highlander Renovation


May 2, 2021
Northern California
We bought a gently used 2005 Fleetwood Niagara Highlander in April and have spent the last few weekends updating it. We finished most of the inside renovation before our camping trip to Nevada Beach Campground this past weekend. We love the update and wanted to share it with you all! It wasn't extremely hard, just time consuming, but it was worth every minute! I uploaded some pictures to show the before and after.

IMG_20210430_180503357.jpg IMG_20210430_180417131.jpg IMG_20210430_180413313 (1).jpg IMG_20210501_121828659.jpg IMG_20210522_185329802.jpg IMG_20210523_143925960.jpg IMG_20210523_144032251.jpg IMG_20210523_144053024.jpg IMG_20210523_144605225.jpg IMG_20210528_180814873.jpg

Inside updates:
We painted the cabinets and framing with Dixie Belle Chalk Paint - Buttercream, sealed with Behr chalk paint wax (as a trial sealant, will update if we have to re-seal the paint).
We painted the trim for the shower in white spray paint.
Painted the pop out frames white, they were starting to show rust.
Did a make over on the table, it was gray with brown legs. Now it's got a "farm house" look to it. We spray painted the legs white and then I painted the top with Dixie Belle Slick Stick, and then did a few coats of their white paint I had on hand. Used their Voo Doo gel stain in Tobacco Road to make it look like a wood table.
We bought gray Coleman curtains from campercurtains.com, they are awesome!
Found an Etsy shop that makes valances (Kraftycee), and I'm finishing up sewing the A115 Glide Tape on them.
Bought some outdoor fabric from Joann's that we folded and stapled over the cushions.
Also bought fabric to make throw pillows that match the valances - I still have to start on those.
Bought a new CD player/radio. Ours wasn't picking up any radio stations or playing CD's.
Found a cute shower curtain on Amazon too.

Outside updates:
Going to remove the chipped decals and paint it white, silver, and dark blue outside.

We ordered a new whole canvas that will arrive in October, ours is ok, but the plastic screens are separating from the zippers in almost all of the windows, which makes it hard to keep warm when it's cold outside.

We might even opt to take out the AC and put in one of those fantastic fans to act as a whole house fan since we would need a large generator or full hook ups to make the AC work when camping.
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May 2, 2021
Northern California
Here are some other pictures, the post only let me add in 10 pictures.


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May 2, 2021
Northern California
I have some left over valance, does anyone know how to attach it to the ceiling around the shower (I see that ours has snaps) and to the window in the dinette (has some holes in the pole/framing)? I attached Google pics of what it would look like, these aren't mine.


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Apr 11, 2022
Wow this looks amazing!!! I have the exact same model and year.
I've just started renovating as it is "new to us" this year. I am going to be doing white paint just like you but my colours are a little brighter ;) I'll try to get some pictures up.
I do have a few questions though,
What did you use to paint the metal around all the seating storage and bathroom? I am really worried when I paint it, its going to chip.
What did you do about your valence around the top of the bathroom? I can't figure it out. Our pop up came with no valences or any curtains. I've made my own curtains at this point but I
don't know what to do about the valances.
Do you find your bench on the front be gets really dirty with having to climb up and down all the time? Any Ideas on how to stop this.
Thank you so much for your help. Your pop up looks amazing and I hope mine turns out half as good

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