2012 Florida Fun In The Sun Spring Rally

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just the 2 of us
Aug 11, 2009
Palm Bay, FL
Frank and Wendy thanks for all you do another great rally, lots of new people and old friends alike., you are awesome.

Nice to meet you Popup Steve. Now the hard part, clean up the pup and do laundry. Hope to see everyoe again soon or at least at the fall rally.

John and Carol


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Sep 7, 2009
Okeechobee, FL
Bearing or what ever it is in the Jeep held up and we made it back safely... Another one goes down in the Portal log book as a blast! Steve awesome that you made the trip! Were is FL?[:D] Thanks so much for providing us the site, the opportunity to meet so many great folks, and share the information about our pups... Will post more later. Time for a [SNZ]............ [SUN]


May 6, 2011
Wow we just got home! What a great experience this rally was. Frank is a great host/coordinator, he runs a tight ship, even his dog obeys him....lol. We met so many new people including Popup Steve. If you have never been to a rally I highly suggest it. It is true that you are able to set up your camp and enjoy yourself and visit as you wish. The potluck gathering was very nice and the food was excellent. Who ever made the chicken wings they were awesome. I really enjoyed putting a name with a face. Craig and Anne they were only a few sites down from us and they were great people to meet(Although I am jealous of their slide out in their pup). Best wishes to everyone and cant wait until the next one.


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Mar 29, 2009
We just got back. We made it 10 minutes before the thunderstorm. Yipee.
We had a great time. Even got to meet popup Steve. Steve we really appreciate your supportting the Florida Rally.
Frank & Wendy you really out did yourselves this year! It keeps getting better and better. Thanks for coordinating a really great weekend. Hope the jeep trouble is not too serious.
P.S. - And to all of Carley's new freinds, she says thanks for all the fun and belly rubs. Carley is sleeping now til tomorrow [SNZ]!
C-ya next [PU] rally!!
Craig & Ann


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Mar 5, 2009
Had a great time this weekend and look forward to the next one.
Nice to see our friends and meet some new ones.


PuP Power
Aug 27, 2010
Got back to FMB safe and sound, had a BLAST, beautiful Park, great weather and good times. Cool to see Pop Up Steve all the way from Pa!(he didn't bring shorts and had to cut off his pants) [LOL] Thanks Frank and Wendy [8D]


I'm cooking something yummy!
Aug 3, 2011
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Just got home a few hours ago! Had a great time. Met a lot of wonderful people and even the head hancos them selves. (Cuckoo and Steve) So much good food and great weather. Just a little rain during the morning Sunday. Nice drive home with no rain. It was good to put names with faces and I was right between Carol and John (carolsaucier) and fmbhappycamper and they all were a friendly bunch!

Wife was very apprehensive about camping with a bunch of strangers and pop up weirdos (my words not hers), but I reminded her that this is what we always do when we go solo. In the end she liked them almost more then me. [;)]

Frank and Wendy did an excellent job hosting the event and I could have sworn they were professional event planers. However every time Frank would yell at his dog Bill I would just freeze in fear... :)

Looking forward to October. Where do we vote for the location?

FL Bill


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Jul 8, 2010
Got home about 1 1/2 ago, got everything unloaded. Kelly just finished bandaging up my ankle, which is doing just fine not trips to the ER here. Thank you to Steve for keeping the floor swept and the lights on, Frank and Wendy for doing another fantastic job organizing another great rally and everyone that were able to show up to make it such a great week end. Thank you Kim and Apples for helping get our pup closed up after the accident and Kellie for doing a great job getting me bandaged up for the trip home. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones. Looking forward to the next rally. Happy camping everyone. [CP] [:D] [:D] [:D]


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Sep 7, 2009
Okeechobee, FL
What a great weekend... Thanks to all those whom participated to make this event a success. Another weekend spent meeting new folks and seeing old friends. Kudos to those whom helped out and donated to the prize table again. We had some really cool items. Special thanks to y'all again. Can't be said enough. Steve props go out to you also for the Gizmo certificate, flags, decals, and others items like making Debs dream come true... [:D] Kampdixie you guys are the best! [CB]
Meet and greet went well and the Saturday dinner was fantastic as usual... Ericka great job on the Portal BD cake even though I didn't get to taste it... Young Guns Popup Scooter Club keep practicing and maybe one day you'll be able to take the title from the team of Angry Birds Old Guys... [;)] Looked like everybody had a great time. I know we sure did... Remember these wouldn't happen without you guys. Y'all make this what is! [SUN]

Rally Pics Are Here

Base camp...

Portal Flea Market... [:D]

Wish come true... Deb & Steve...

Some great grub!

A few of us...

Happy Birthday...


Happy trails y'all!
Oct 22, 2009
I can only ditto what has been said from our fellow portal folks..
Popup Steve, glad to see you at our rally,I will be forewarding you my email addy so we can share a few more jokes.
Frank and Wendy, as always, you guys made it happen..... many thanks.
To all who put food on the pot-luck table, thank you also...
To old friends, new friends, I thank you for making this a super rally!!!
Now, let me start pushing the calendar faster to get to the next get-together!!!!


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Oct 27, 2010
Thanks to everyone who made us feel so welcome at this gathering. Also, a special thanks to the folks who worked so hard to make it a sucess. We had a great time and are already planning for the fall rally. Hope that everyone had a safe trip home.


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Nov 6, 2010
What an amazing rally! It was so great to see old friends and make new ones. Thank you to Frank and Wendy. You guys are the best! I cannot tell you how excited I was to meet Popup Steve. Thank you so much, Steve, for making the long trip to join us, and also personally presenting me with my raffle prize. [:O] Woohoo !!! Hope everyone's trip home was safe. Looking forward to the Fall Rally so we can raise the roof. [:D]


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Sep 8, 2007
What a great rally. Great meeting old friends and meeting new ones, also good to put names and faces together. Many thanks to Frank and Wendy for putting this rally together. Food was awesome. Great meeting Popup Steve. Missed those that could not attend and hope to see them next time. Hope your Jeep is ok Frank. Look forward to another rally and meeting new friends.


Don't count time, make time count !!!
Apr 20, 2011
Back to reality and it stinks [:(], I felt like sleeping in the PUP next to the house last night. We had a great time with all you's and hopefully we can make the Fall Rally where ever that may be. Frank and Wendy THANKS for put-n these things together it wuz a blast!!! Daisy says she thinks she's start-n to take a likeing to Beeill...


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Gold Supporting Member
Dec 22, 2002
Southeastern PA
I just wanted to thank everyone for treating this damn Yankee with unbelievable Southern hospitality, thank you! You guys really know how to throw a rally.


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Feb 26, 2008
St Petersburg, FL
Just got home a couple of hours ago. What a great time we had. Thank you Frank and Wendy for all you do. It was great meeting PopUpSteve. I enjoyed staying Sunday night also. Campground was a ghostown.

PS I am proud of myself for not only going across the Skyway once, I did it on the way home too. Gave myself a pat on the back.


Spit, grit & duct tape - What more do you need ?
Oct 27, 2010
I seem to have lost my hairpiece while jostling in line for position at the potluck last weekend.

Cuckoo, if you or anyone else found it, hold on to it until the next rally. Please don't use it to train Bill for the Squirrel Derby as I had hoped to wear it for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. [;)]

I had a GREAT time meeting everyone and am ready to go again !! [:D] [:D]

Your friend BLACKPOT


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Sep 12, 2009
Well... you can't beat that with a stick. It was awesome... and then some. Frank and Wendy, once again, Super Job and Big Thanks! And Mr. Bill gets Top Gun on squirrel patrol And what about that Pop Up Steve? Coming all the way from PA to party-hardy with the Florida Pop Up Portal people. Thanks Steve. Kamp Dixie appreciates all the new friendships made, the old friendships refreshed... and we look forward to the fall rally on October 19 at the [?] campground.

Wait... Mr. Bill just sent me a PM (come on Frank, you know Mr. Bill sends me PMs... don't you?) and said that he found this Hair Piece that he was planning to give to a Sweeet Thang (his words, not mine) named Daisy to keep her warm. However, Buster grabbed it and said he would use it for a Show-And-Tell dissection in Alex and Kara's Science classes. Our condolences to BlackPot... but it is being used for the furtherance of Science. [;)]
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