2nd Purchase Gizmos

no Fries

Mar 25, 2013
Fort Mill
Just placed my order for our 2021 235S Roo, we had a Forest River 27HKS high wall with a dinette slide, that has been sold a few years ago and we moved to the HTT. Loved the Gizmos from our previous trailer and had to get them for our new one. All the benefits of Hot/Cold management, keeping moisture off the bunk canvas and we also like the benefit of it keeping a bit darker in the bunk ends when we don't want to get up with the sun. New owner Jarom was extremely helpful wit my questions about the Ears, paws and other questions I had. Fingers crossed they arrive in time for us before we leave for Boone NC at Flintlock Campground.


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Dec 22, 2002
Southeastern PA
Yup, PUGS are the best. I didn't have my Pop Up Gizmos tied down tight enough when this storm blew in while staying at Devils Tower WY. Winds were gusting up to 35mph. Afterwards I tightened down the lines and no more issues.



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Aug 8, 2015
I need to order a replacement set. Mine have torn where the silver side is sewn to the velcro sections. Although I think that is mainly due to the riginal dimensions for my model being a little too short when doing the velcro. They should have added about 4-6” in length.

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