3-way refrig not switching 110V AC


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Aug 24, 2019
Getting prepared for a weeklong trip starting in 2 days. Just turned on refrigerator to begin the initial cooling process, and the auto switches would only allow me to choose DC or gas. When on DC, pressing the button would not flip me to AC.

I knew my DW had unplugged the camper yesterday while cutting the grass and, on further inspection, she had not fully plugged in the 110V cable to house power. So, I fixed that. Microwave and AC are working, so I know AC is now going to PUP. Refrig still not kicking over to AC though.

Any suggestions on how to somehow reset things to bring AC back? I don't think this is a fuse or breaker problem.

Lastly, we've never used gas or DC for refrig power source. Any downsides or advice if we have to resort to that? I'm assuming that gas would be better. Any downsides to DC option as long as the PUP is also plugged into Shore Power and the battery is being charged? I'll need this for a week.

Thanks in advance.
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Nov 26, 2013
if you can't get the Shore Power function to work on the fridge, i would opt for the propane over battery for running the fridge. when i had my highwall, and there was times i forgot to switch from DC - the converter was running constantly.


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Mar 8, 2017
Do use propane if you can't get your AC to work.

Like R. said above, be sure the plug is working (and that the fridge is properly plugged into it). Some of these fridges won't let you select AC if AC isn't there.