7 Months in the Making!

Dec 11, 2021
Salem, OR
One thing we did notice is the pump fixture leaks when I use the manual pump. But when I use the electric pump it doesn't. Not sure what is up with that but we probably won't be replacing the fixture before our trip.
Dec 3, 2017
7 months after buying our new to us pop up we have finally been able to get it out of the garage and pop it all the way up. Up until yesterday, we hadn't been able to get get it up the last 3-4 inches to put the door in place as our garage isn't high enough.

So excited to get this our this summer!

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I had an older Valley Forge we used from 1985-2021 as a base camp for elk hunting in Colorado. We only upgraded to a bigger pup last season. Yours looks to be in excellent condition. We added a roof rack and a fairly good sized top storage bin to carry extra gear. It served us well for 36 years. Yours can too. Enjoy!