A Cautionary Tail


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Dec 22, 2002
Southeastern PA
My nephew, his wife, and her grand kids traveled from Alaska to Ohio late last week to pick up his new travel trailer (big thing with multiple slide-outs). The first night after taking delivery, they stopped at a KOA for the night and then drove to the local Walmart to stock up on supplies. Along the way, a lady coming from the other direction crossed into the oncoming traffic and hit my nephew truck (F250) totally destroying the truck. Everyone is fine, no injuries, now even a scratch. The lady said she had just given blood and felt dizzy. She didn't have her insurance info on her and tried to leave the scene. Fortunately, the police showed up within seconds of the crash. He has USAA Insurance and they are bending over backwards to get him a replacement vehicle. The KOA is managed by a retired police officer and they moved their camper to another site which was not going to be used over Memorial Day weekend. One hell of a way to start a cross continental trip and I don't think they ever did get to Walmart.

The cautionary part of this tail, always be on your A-game. Because the other guy may not.


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Jan 2, 2022
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I am so glad that your Family were not injured. God Bless them, and those that are helping them. We will say a Prayer for them tonight. We are camping with our Church Family this weekend, I will ask for Prayers in the morning at sunrise. Please all, be most careful this weekend. We now have to drive for ourselves, and those we share the road with. Bless our Popup Family. See you on the trail.

Susan Premo

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Nov 5, 2020
If she was dizzy after giving blood, knew she was dizzy and got in the car to drive anyway-- she was driving while impaired. Very fortunate that no one was injured.
They always bruise the hell out of my arm, I want to give blood, but when they don't stick the needle in well, forget it, and I got dizzy too. They make you lay down and give you a cookie. Geez, there's enough bad drivers on the road without dizzy ones!


Mar 3, 2006
There is cheaper insurance but I'll never leave USAA. The customer service has always been above excellent.
we own the company and get returns via the subscriber savings account, after 40yr ya get Senior Bonus also.

If claims are low they allocate money to our accounts and then disburse a portion, keeping the remaining (invested) in our name in case they need it for excess claims.

The story is that young officers in san antonio couldn't get insurance for their vehicles and so USAA was created by these men to insure themselves and their sports cars!

Almost $800 'refund' for me, and $650 added to my SSA!