Aliner roof peak alignment gone bad. Spriongs to blame?

Anthony Hitchings

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Mar 2, 2019
Oakland, California
our A-frame's roof peak used to line up easy-peasy. Not any more. It started getting "niggly" a while back, and recently it got worse.

"Worse" is after we drove the trailer over a medium sized landscaping rock, and twisted the tongue (on August 11, 2022).

"Niggly" is likely either sometime after we installed 29% stiffer springs ( a while back, in November 2020) and/or went over a big bump that we do not recall (while on vacation).

The stiffer springs solved the problem of springs flattening, but I'm not so sure they were a good idea. I would rather have the roof close easy and change leaf springs on a regular basis.


Oct 16, 2021
The metal frames of these lightweight trailers (especially the 3” x 2”) are notorious for bending and warping. Perhaps the rough travel bent the frame?

bruce wayne

Jun 16, 2020
there are (were) auto body shops with "frame alignment" machines. my old 78 vette was in an accident prior to my purchase, and i had to get the frame straightened for proper tire alignment.