Another abs cover question...


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Oct 14, 2020
I have a 98 or 99 westlake with the abs roof on it. This is my 2nd winter storing it. Last year I made a pitched roof with 5 gallon buckets, 2x4's and a tarp. There was plenty of space for air to circulate and the only spot the tarp made contact was along the sides where I bungied it to the frame. My question I'm wondering is this really necessary? My abs roof has a lot of visible hairline cracks and I'm worried about water setting in these cracks and freezing and expanding, essentially opening these cracks up even more. As of right now zero water gets inside the camper and I want to keep it that way. Has anyone had water freeze in these cracks and expand them open?


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Aug 15, 2021
Casper, Wyoming
The answer is yes. It's not if, but when it will actually happen. If you have an inner ABS shell, most likely water will not leak in as any water will just flow over it to the sides. It's the outer shell that the weather, sun, ice, snow, wind, hot, and cold slowly destroys over time.

I tried fixing my hairline cracks but had to give up as they eventually became too big and numerous to repair. Best of luck to you.