Barker low profile wastewater tote Los Angeles


Jun 29, 2017
I posted this for sale here a few years ago and got no takers, now I have a whole different camper and I still don’t need it. 😬

It’s taking up space and I gotta get rid of it. Just the tank with two caps. No hoses included. But it’s FREE

Somebody must need this thing! It fits under your camper! It’s blue! No I will not negotiate on price. Free or nothing. Local pickup, near Dodger Stadium/Silver Lake.


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Dec 22, 2002
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Oh, that looks nice. I hope someone take you up on your offer. I can see that being mounted (empty) under the tongue of the camper with plenty of clearance to spare.


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Jul 20, 2009
Oh my gosh, I need this!! Unfortunately I'm not even close to area, so I'll have to buy one new.

Quick question for you - we have the same pop-up, I'm assuming with the same very low sewer/black tank valve/outlet. I have a terrible time trying to dump into my current waste tank. Does your one fit underneath the drain?


Jun 29, 2017
I feel your pain! Honestly, if you're talking about the black tank drain, it does not fit. Nothing does. The low clearance of the dump valve/outlet is stupid, and I think Forest River is locked in to that design because so many of us who buy these campers just don't know any better at the time of purchase! (That includes me) I was so much happier with the cassette toilet in my previous MAC 205 camper... I plan to convert my HW277 to cassette someday. We use the camper a lot, and it's been great as my kids have gone from grade school to high school (they just take up so much more space now!), but wow it sure is like a cheap imported knockoff of a name brand camper. I could write a book about all the stuff I had to do/repair/troubleshoot/adjust/replace just in the first few months after buying it new!

Anyway, we have been fortunate that we have never reached capacity of the black tank during a camping trip. We always pack up and leave before it's full, and I've always been able to use a dump station or at least get to a place where I can park with the tail of the camper over a low spot which makes room for transfer to a portable tank. But even in those cases I don't use this particular tank-- I think it's too awkward for black tank duty, so I have a more "normal" size tank for that. I also encourage the family to use the campground facilities whenever possible, saving the camper toilet for late-night use.

As for the gray water... If it gets full while we are out camping, I usually use a long garden hose with an adapter to transfer from the camper into a portable tank. I can usually find a low enough spot somewhere around the campsite to make it work. Also not ideal, as the entire hose basically has to be lower than the camper drain but higher than the inlet of the tank, but the truth is that it's still worth the trouble-- we still really do love taking the camper out :cool:
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